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Transplant assessment done.

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Well myself and hubby just had 2 day assessment in QE for transplant, emotionally tiring days. Just waiting for the phonecall tomorrow to see outcome. Really scary times.

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Hi raqs67 , hope all is positive news! I was at the QE Tuesday for scans and more bloods. Next is endoscopy and MRI scan .just diagnosed with H.E. now on lactulose. May I ask what sort of tests they put you through for going on transplant list ? 😊

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It was a 2 stage assessment, 1st day I had a load of bloods, e.c.g, echocardiogram, chest x ray and an ultrasound of liver and lung function test.Thats all done to check your fitness for surgery. They also ask how condition is impacting you. If all that is ok get called back for a 2 day second stage about 5-6wks later. Spoke to surgeon, anaesthetist, heptologist and dietician. I had an mri as well. Research nurse as well as nurse specialist. Its a lot of hanging around waiting to speak to people but for our benefit. They'll all have a meeting in the morning to discuss suitability for listing and they'll ring me in the afternoon. I hope your tests are all ok. I've had a few endoscopies over years and recently had to have banding as well. Have the sedation is my advice, but I'm a baby lol

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Hi raq27 , many thanks for your kind reply. Well there is so much to go through isn't there before they even place you on the transplant list 🙄. but as you say it's for our benefit long term. Oh I'll keep everything crossed for you that the phone call will be good news. Well I had a fibroscan with a score of 27 ! which is very high . I have been living with cirrhosis now for 9yrs . My last LFT in Feb all came back good, but he does want me to have this flipping endoscopy 😣. Dr Thompson tried in Feb but I said see how things go after my scan, Tuesday I saw a different consultant. Can't remember his name was as it was one of those hard to remember. I am stage f4 , with on going tests .he did mention transplant to me Tuesday so I was just curious as what you had to go through to even be approved .I have had one endoscopy is 9yrs and I asked for sensation but I came round toward the end and felt the camera being pulled out!! I'm dreading it but I know I have to comply with all their tests. Let me know how you get on . Good luck hun 😊x

Wishing you all the best. love grace xoxo

The gift of life is bittersweet - someone with a compatable liver needs to die so those needing a transplant can live.

One day we'll grow organs in a lab so those on the list dont feel bad wishing for a liver. I hope this day comes round soon.

Good luck to you both, it must be a very difficult time. xoxo

i went through same process in march at qe now on list feel relieved now im on it. it's a a bit surreal.

didn't pack bag to start with but then a friend i made at assessment got the call after only 3 weeks and is now at home recuperating.

it certainly focused the mind snd and made me pack bags. xx crossed fingers for call for list. x cazer

Thanks Cazer, they did mention a few times that because of my blood group, it might be really quick once listed. Some have even had the call the same week!


Been there done that, scary any tiring

I have been on the QE list for a year now, it turns out to be a marathon with waiting close to home a real problem

Good luck

I am on my 6 week check up on the 30th, always a worry that you are still eligible

I really hope things go well and quickly for you


I've been on the list at kings for 173 days now. I hope you get the response you hope for. And I hope your wait isn't too long!

All the best!

Thanks all, it's nice knowing that others really know how you feel xx

Hi, I hope your outcome is good, be positive and try not to stress over the waiting period...

Thanks Brummi, i've had the call and will be listed so guess it's just a waiting game now. I don't think it's really sunk in yet.

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Millie09 in reply to raqs67

Oh really ! Raqs67 ! Thats fantastic!! I'm so so pleased for you 😉x

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Chelle_ in reply to raqs67

I think it's only just starting to sink in for me now....6 months waiting...I hope your call comes soon and it's without disappointment x

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