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1st world Liver Problems

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So as some of you know I work full time and it takes about 30 minutes for me to drive to work. My morning routine is pretty consistent, I leave for work about 0630 always ensuring that I have visited the bathroom before I go. Being on 200mg Spiro and 40mg Furosemide we all know its a necessity!! I know that I can make the 30 min drive no worries as there is a bathroom at the other end! However!! Over the past few days I have to stop at the services 20 mins into my journey and then as soon as I arrive at my work place I hit the bathroom again!

It's bloody ridiculous!! lol I must pee at least twice and hour! I honestly should just move my desk in to the toilet!! Lol. I think my boss is going to start docking my pay!

Anyway - I hope you are all going to be enjoying your day in the sunshine, or at least be lucky enough like me to be able to look out of a window.

Stay well you lovely lot!!

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I feel your pain. But you're doing really well if your doing those meds and still able to work.

Let me tell you about something that happened to me yesterday. In the morning I tend to get up, and give it half an hour I am desperate for the loo (and I'm not talking wee), I have IBS not sure if it's caused by meds, coeliac disease etc. Yesterday I didn't need to go so I jumped in my car and drove to work. By the time I got to work I was absolutely desperate. So I jumped out of my car and started to make a dash for the toilets. HOWEVER in my scramble to get out of the car, I had forgotten to put the hand break on, which I would normally do instinctively. As I got to the back of the car I saw it was rolling backwards towards a car parked behind. I threw myself behind my car and managed to stop it just a meter or so before a collision.

I've got an SUV so it wasn't easy to stop and I could not push it back. At that point I realised I was completely stuck, and still desperate, and all the effort I was putting in wasn't helping. After a couple of minutes I managed to get someone attention and they were able to put my hand break on.

A very close call!!

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Identity75 in reply to RodeoJoe

I have ulcerative colitis and can sympathise with you both. During a flare up I almost become housebound. In a previous job I was office based and thankfully they were very understanding but it got to the point where I may as well have had a phone installed in the toilet.

It's the most unpleasant thing. And I know exactly what it's like to be nowhere near a toilet and suddenly get that call of nature. I have too many stories to even begin to try and share.

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Chelle_ in reply to Identity75

my other half's cousin had an elective stoma bag about a year ago and it was the best thing she has ever done! She is happier and looks so much healthier!!

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Chelle_ in reply to RodeoJoe

Oh dear - I am sure you weren't laughing at the time but this made me laugh a lot!! Well done you for holding back that SUV and ermm....the other too! That could have been a very different situation!

My legs are swollen still after taking the meds and so is my tummy but not too painful!

Hope your well!

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RodeoJoe in reply to Chelle_

I know, it could have ended very differently. I shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn't held on to the car and myself. I think my only option would have been to just get in my car and drive home, give up my job and go back to bed :(

But I was also a bit annoyed as I work at a university and I saw a bunch of students walking through the car park so I shouted them for a hand. They obviously thought I was going to ask them for a push or something and completely ignored me. Bloody students! I had to wait for middle age lady who was driving n the car park and spotted me, and wound down her window to ask if I was OK.

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Chelle_ in reply to RodeoJoe

well I am pleased you had help in the end. It's surprising what help is not offered when people think that they have to 'work' or be 'put out' x

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Millie09 in reply to RodeoJoe

Omg🤤 rodeojoe, what a shock to the system that was ! Hope you are ok though 🙂

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RodeoJoe in reply to Millie09

Yes fine Millie. Just got to my desk looking very dishevelled...

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Millie09 in reply to RodeoJoe

Oh i bet !! I can't believe no one even helped you . You try take it easy 😊. Thank you for letting me know you are ok 👍

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Ninie in reply to RodeoJoe

Hi the same thing happened to my hubby on Friday but he fell trying to stop the SUV and the wheel hurt him badly. He is now in hospital because the

bruises are terrible and due to the low platelets the blood under the skin must be removed through the kidneys. He is also very confused. I am sure this must have been a shock to his body. He must stop being so stubborn and not drive at all but sometimes I just give up and Friday was one of those days.

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RodeoJoe in reply to Ninie

That's an amazing coincidence. I agree with you though he should stop driving. Although as I've proved anyone can forget the hand break, with serious liver disease, and if he's suffering confusion this could be the onset of HE or Hepatic Encephalopathy.

I stopped driving a few month before my transplant on Dr's advice. Although if I'm honest I should have stopped months if not years before, but I was still working and thought it was a necessity.

For the 5 years before transplant I had a minor accident every year. My insurance was nearly £2000 after that. Since transplant (2.5 years) no accidents and my insurance is coming down.

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RodeoJoe in reply to RodeoJoe

I just read one of your posts and your husband does have HE. I imagine the Dr's assume he's not driving and so haven't told him to stop. Not trying to alarm you but I imagine his insurance isn't covering him anymore. He needs to stop driving.

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Ninie in reply to RodeoJoe

Thanks, I told the Dr to tell him to stop driving and how dangerous it is for him and others. Well I have also made up my mind that he can scream etc I will not give him the keys.

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RodeoJoe in reply to Ninie

Out of interest did the Dr's have that conversation with him?

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Geffy22 in reply to RodeoJoe

OM gosh, you have super human strength - suvs weigh 2 tonnes at least - and your sphincter muscles are working too, lol!

Glad you got all sorted - scary incidents keep it all too real!

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Ninie in reply to Geffy22

You right it is heavy. He is bruised all over .

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RodeoJoe in reply to Geffy22

Avoided it getting all to real.

Hi why not start taking your forusamide when u get to work maybe it will make life abit easier for you , do you get bad cramps on the spiro? If so tonic water helps abit ))

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Chelle_ in reply to retwos

I might just do that. Yes I do get back cramps. in the side of my tummy or legs or arms/hands...lol every where really. I try and stretch it out more but then that becomes a cramp! lol x

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retwos in reply to Chelle_

Try tonic water have a half a glass before you go to bed , it's an acquired taste but it helps cramps I was on 200 of spiro and fruside was getting the worse cramps I've ever had but that's another story , good luck with everything))

i am drove crazy i can work 12 hr shift pee twice then up every hr during the night i am either a camel or my body clock is nuts so i understand

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Chelle_ in reply to andrenaw

it's frustrating and annoying especially for sleeping! I get up atleast 3 times during the nigh - I have even banned myself from drinking beyond 8pm! x

Oh how I sympathise with you all on water tablets. I'm the opposite. I hardly pee and as for the other it takes days! Only now I know why my sleep pattern is all over the place and my forgetting what I say etc.. I have HE. now on lactulose and waiting on an endoscopy; and a MRI of the brain. My fibroscan was 27 🤤. I must say that all the care I am now getting under the QE is Amazing. Hope you can sort things out chelle 😉xx

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