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BREATHING PROPERLEY linked with LIVER problems !

"Quote" Sleep Apnea Can Intensify Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Did you know that not getting enough oxygen into your lungs at night can exacerbate non-alcoholic fatty liver disease? "unquote"

The above is now something else I have read on a liver page ! Talk about getting confused. I am in Physiotherapy at the moment for HYPERVENTILATION. I have been "overbreathing" for years, which always happen during panic attacks or it causes panic attacks. Lately it has been getting worse. Most nights I always need a paper bag at my bed to breath in and out. The Therapist told me that I too have not been getting enough oxygen all these years. I used to suffer a lot with panic attacks. With things like that and reading about how chocolates, cakes etc and the list goes on. What can we do these days. Surely nearly the whole population must have an "issue" with their liver !!!! Has anybody ever heard of the above ?

Best regards

Louise x

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iv never heard of this before but that does not make it untrue. i suppose the better you breath the better your oxygen makes the blood run through the body, i know that i have had cold parts on my body and i try and breath into them and it has helped. i also use a tape at night when i go to bed and focus on the breath. not just that but i breath into my belly and also into my ribs and try to breath in to make my ribs come out to the side instead of up into my chest. i was a hard smoker and dope smoker for many many years and i really do believe that my breathing has helped me. i dont know about the liver but i wouldnt be surprised as we are all agreed that exercise is good for us and if we dont have much breath then we wont be able to do much exercise.usually when we hyperventilate its into the top of your chest and not deep breathing, its food for thought, and its not fatty food either, interesting post thanks,love grace xoxo


It does seem interesting but still scary when you think just how many things can cause liver illnesses, whereas the liver should be a very robust organ. The page I actually got on by mistake was : Liver support.com. I seem to think now that the more I read the more it scares me and sometimes gets me really down !!! I am due for a biopsy on 7.12.16 after having really good bloods but told a mild fatty liver (fibrosis)

It would be so nice to know EXACTLY what to believe !


Louise xx


Hi Louise , well that's a new one ! Something else for me to look on google or even ask my hepatologist at queen Elizabeth hospital that at long Last my doctor has refered me ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป. I used to be like you Hun , mine was due to high levels of anxiety that caused me problems with my breathing , I can still get it now and again but not as bad since I have my therapist , just need to takle my insomnia now and the healing of a very sore mouth due to wisdom teeth extraction . And my God did she bloody hurt me ๐Ÿ˜ก. But on the plus side there was no massive bleeding and I clotted over well so far . Hope you physio helps . (( hugs ))

Linda ๐Ÿ’•


Yes, that certainly was new to me as well. I have suffered anxiety and panic attacks since 1983. I was on the waiting list for physiotherapy. When I finally went, I was told how URGENT it was for me and something should have been done long ago. Instead I was always called for X-Rays or CT of the lungs. Sorry about your wisdom teeth. Another thing I can feel for you with. That is GOOD NEWS about your blood clotting doing well. Sounds promising. I am glad about the physio. At least something is being done to help me WITHOUT ANY MEDICATION. Take care my luvvly !

Louise xxx


Yeah same with me Hun , I was in my early 20's when they started and I had big got a clue what they were ? Until I went the Docs and was put on beta blockers for a while . They did subside but was always there lurking in the background . That's bad that you have Waited so long Hun ๐Ÿ˜ณ. Bad move on your doctor there . Oh my wisdom teeth ๐Ÿ˜. So much discomfort it's doing my head in now and yes my blood clotted straight away ! So I was well jelly even though I had stitches which were needed as she had to cut open the gum . Yes !! You will be fine at Physio , and no bloody meds either ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.. Take care Hun . Chat soon .. Linda xx


I can confirm that Hypoxaemia (low oxygen levels) is found in around 45% of people who are on the liver transplant waiting list. When the liver is damaged and cannot function fully it is unable to pump clean blood around the body as it should. I have Hepatitis C and was infected over 42 years ago during a blood transfusion. I suffer with severe hypoxaemia because the Hepatitis C has attacked my liver causing some Cirrhosis. As a result I developed such severe Hypoxaemia that I need oxygen 24/7. I was told I was too weak and fragile to have a much needed double lung transplant. My liver has not yet been damaged to the stage where I would be assessed for a liver transplant.

I was born with a genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). All invasive treatments and tests should be avoided. Also even if I wanted to have any invasive tests or procedures it would be extremely difficult to find anyone who would be prepared to do them because of me having the EDS. I was referred to a spinal surgeon as it is extremely painful for me to stay upright without full support of every muscle. The surgeon was not prepared to even examine me and stated that he had no experience of dealing with any patients who have EDS and would be too concerned that he could damage me. My niece's daughter broke her arm and it took them 3 days to find anyone who was prepared to operate to repair it because of her having EDS.

You can read about liver related lung conditions here:


If for any reason you cannot read that article (as I am not sure whether you have to be registered to read the articles there) just google 'Cirrhosis and Hypoxaemia' or 'Cirrhosis and Lung Disease'.

It is a great pity that the problems caused to the lungs by having a damaged liver are not publicized more. I am amazed that I was left without any diagnosis of my lung problems for so long that I ended up with permanent damage to my lungs. Even after I was air-lifted to hospital with extremely low oxygen levels and monitored for three whole weeks and seen by four different teams of medical experts I was still sent home without any oxygen therapy. I was soon rushed back into hospital and was still not prescribed ambulatory oxygen. Consequently I ended up with irreversible scarring of my lungs causing them to be permanently stiff. This means that I am unable to breathe in fully and I am unable to breathe out fully and will need to remain on oxygen for the rest of my life. An early diagnosis is essential to avoid permanent damage to the lungs.

If you feel you are becoming breathless do push to be tested to see whether you need oxygen therapy. At first the breathlessness is likely to only affect you when you are active which is why you will need to push them to do the appropriate tests. When I asked why I was discharged without oxygen the Consultant's words were "Well you seemed to be getting around just fine." My reply was "mm so I don't suppose you noticed the wheels then!" lol If it wasn't so serious and so ridiculous it really would be really funny! I had been whizzing around fully supported in a powered wheelchair where every muscle was fully supported and the only movement I needed to make was of one finger!

I needed high rates of oxygen each time I was rushed into hospital but they still did not do the tests to see if I needed oxygen when I was active so the second time when I was discharged without oxygen therapy my Carer immediately called out my GP and I was rushed back into hospital and third time lucky I was prescribed oxygen therapy! Voila!!

Keep Smiling everyone........and

I will keep twinkling.

Love and hugs from

Twinkling Star


my goodness me you are having it rough and such a lovely name too. and telling us all go keep smiling. you have a wonderful attitude. it is a shame that patients are not given enough information about thier conditions, i know when i got my operation called a Hepaticojejunostomy i was told nothing about it and also nothing about recovery time. infact a big fat 0, i had to come home and find it all online not that there is much online and what is there is mostly scholarly things that i could never understand. there are not many people who have had this operation and i cant seem to get anything much that i can understand anywhere online. so that has been really depressing for me as i like to take the best care of myself that i can after all the years i wasted, i have never really felt very well after the operation, except at first when it was done as i was so numbe with all the scar and the work that was done. i had a gallstone stuck in my bile duct that had calcified. so i had to have the whole gallbladder removed which had shrunk to the size of a thimble and was stuck to my liver. also the bile duct was reconstructed as the stone had calcified inside the duct. its now attached to my jejenum. even online i'v watched the operation on utube, or parts of the operation and its not the same as the one i had or should i say i have mirizzis syndrome the operation i read about was done with some kind of robotic hand but mine wasnt, i asked about why that was and was just told that i wasnt suitable for that. so nothing was really explained to me. my surgeon was quite surprised that i had seen the bit of utube video and even knew about the robotic hand and the stone seemingle gets stuck in some pocket inside but my surgeon said my came out of the pocket and into the tube. baffling?? i better shut up. i love you attitude. i could do with some of that myself. i always do lots of breathing exercise's as i believe the breath is so important and have used to to try and heal many aches and pains that i have had or have. i will try and read that link that you have left and if it does not work then i will google your suggestion. im always interested to find out things that can be helpful. thanks so much for your post and god bless you. love grace xoxoxo ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ

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iv tried that link just wanted to let you know that it works. thanks again, xoxoxo

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