Rare liver cirrhosis symptom and benefit problems

Hi been having trouble with my benefits as they want me to go back to work, I have cirrhosis that is caused by something called fatty acid metabolism or something like that. Aparantly it's very rare, only a few people in u.k get it that causes my cirrhosis, I need help with advice to get back onto esa as they think I'm well enough to go to work. I am on transplant list too awaiting a new live, anyone able to help me get on my benefits as it was a nightmare befor. They didnt even bother with coming out to assess me. I'm too ill to go through all this crap again. Please help

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  • You need to appeal. Try getting the Citizens Advice Bureau to help. You can ring them and explain you are too ill to visit in person and they will advise.

    Also lobby your local MP this is the ideal time!

    Also if you can afford around £20 join the Benefits and Works site and they are very helpful and provide templates for any necessary forms.

    Good Luck

  • Get in touch with your hospital social work team, they will advise you.

  • Your doctor is the best place to start and then the job centre. When you say they think youre well enough to work who do you mean? If its an independant org called ATOS then try to appeal against the decision. You shouldnt really be on a medical forum for this type of thing?

    I think if you lobby your mp then youre actually proving youre fit to work in some peoples eyes!

  • this is all to common. i had hep.e + chest infection, hep e. gone but breathing still bad & pains in stomach but Dr says should have been back to work long time ago. from what i have heard it is worse if you claim as they expect you to work whatever. try to get second opinion but f not take care of yourself. you thought of hypnosis, ask Dr first if safe to do so. it works wonders for me.

  • Kepp your mind strong, things will work out for you.

  • Still trying to get help with my benefits, have tried c.a.b etc they are going to help me with the form, I have tried to do it myself but by time I get through half of the question my confusion gets the better of me and I forget what I read. Sorry to say but the same thing happened with your replies, unless it's very short reply, I forget what it says at the beginning of the reply. Does anyone else have this problem,surely it's not just me. Does anyone know something I can eat or drink that will eliminate the confusion and forgetfulness? Thanks

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