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Hubby been told to have cirrohsis

My hubby was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B 9 months back and his viral load was going down when they conducted tests after 3 months but this time when they conducted his tests after 6 months his viral load in the blood had been high enough and he was sent for fibroscan. His fibroscan values were 17.5 kpa ,the doctor said that he has cirrohsis ,now he will be sent for biopsy after a month . I've been crying slot when heard this shocking news as I when was 5 years old lost my parents and it comes to my mind on and off that I am going to lose my husband to depression that I've been suffering from after losing my parents went worse now and can't control my mind.ive a 6 months daughter.

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Dear Sara,

I do know how you must be feeling. You need to be given a clear plan of action by your hubby's med team. Try to contact the secretary and get an appointment to just be given all the information clearly. Write down any questions you may have beforehand - write down their answers also.

This may sound bleak - but it does take a lot of factors to decide on the degree of damage and what they are going to be able to do...

It must be so overwhelming for you. Please do not despair but keep a positive outlook.

Keep us updated.

Yours truly,


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Thank you pear , so nice of you . Yes I certainly would write all the questions,have lots of it on my mind. I hope biopsy gets to show no cirrohsis.

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Apparently he has no symptoms portal hypertension etc , no at all.

He had gone through endoscopy , no varices etc

There are new treatment to liver disease. A mesh procedure can regenerate your liver cells. Research which hospitals do this procedure. I live in the USA and someone I know has had it done and has success so far. He lives in Ohio which has a great clinic called the Cleveland clinic. Have him eat beets , take milk thistle like crazy and turmic and choline which is found in eggs. Don't wait start today on your journey. He will be just fine. Good luck

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That sounds great. Now am much better with you all support. So nice to be here.

Hello Sara, like you I have gone through that horrid time when my husband (fiance at the time) was diagnosed with cirrhosis. His being due to auto-immune hepatitis and only coming to light after he presented with very late stage symptoms. That was back in April 2012 and now 5 years on he is no more poorly than he was then & having had all his varices dealt with is probably in medical eyes a whole lot better. We have posters on the forum (indeed one lady who posts regularly who has had a diagnosis of Hep B, AIH and cirrhosis for 20 years or so and even survived a procedure to remove a chunk of liver due to liver cancer).

Whilst cirrhosis is a serious diagnosis it can be managed, hopefully with Hep B treatment your husband should see better control of his hepatitis and whilst that can't be cured if they can damp it down enough then the virus should cease attacking his liver. If he can then eat appropriately, not drink and generally look after his health then even with cirrhosis it isn't necessarily a death sentence. IF it does become too severe then liver transplant might become a viable option. I think many of us have been posting to your husband on here in the past few weeks.

As our dear friend Pear suggests make sure you go to appointments armed with a pencil and paper and a list of your questions, you and your husband need to take control of his illness and make sure medics do everything they can to look after your husband going forward. He'll need regular blood tests, regular ultrasound scans (to check for any untoward appearances in liver) and probably a regular endoscopy to make sure portal hypertension hasn't appeared and caused varices. I would say it is GOOD news at present that he is relatively symptom free.

Do read up on cirrhosis from the British Liver Trust page at:- That way you will have some background knowledge to ask informed and appropriate questions at appointments and also have some idea of what possible symptoms to watch out for. If he is currently symptom free his liver is coping and I would suggest he is in no immediate danger.

Sending much love and support, Katie xx

I found great solace in your words Katie. Very nice and kind of you . Can you please tell me what diet should I avoid and what to offer him . The doctor isn't giving any appointment unless he's gone through biopsy in a month or so.

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He should avoid salt, too much sugars and processed foods. As he isn't symptomatic it is probably best to follow a diet which looks after the liver such as described on the BLT page:- This might change if he were to start loosing weight or muscle mass but that tends to be in later stage cirrhosis and if that were the case you'd want to be seeing a dietician.

If you get further questions don't by shy to ask, there are many of us who have been where you are now.

All the very best, Katie x

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Since last year he has lost considerable weight. And would some point come that he will get portal hypertension? Egg , chicken should be avoided ?

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He can still eat chicken and eggs, in late stage cirrhosis when there might be symptoms of Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) some people are told to avoid red meat as it causes more issues with toxin build up but whilst he is symptom free this isn't necessary. My husband has two eggs most days for protein, he was put on a special diet to 'build him up' so lots of protein and carbohydrate and several small meals a day. Too keep fuelled someone with cirrhosis needs to eat little and often and avoid any long breaks - a good supper before bed is important too.

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That's very helpful Katie .I will recommend him do so now on . He doesn't eat very much entire day as he has loss of appetite and when I ask him on and off to take to eat he scolds me by then

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