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Hi I am nearly 2 years post transplant and have been experiencing, only for the past couple of weeks, cramp like pain in my right side of torso and sometimes on left side. Seeing consultant soon but wondered if anyone else experienced this ? It usually present onpvent - getting up and down. Put it down to stomach muscle s or adhesions . Be grateful if anyone else experienced this could share thanks x

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  • Hi.

    I have suffered the same thing, cramp like muscle spasms on the right side of my torso, especially when getting up from a seated position. Spoke with consultant at King's who put it down to the scar tissue left from a drain they put in during transplant op. (I am 4 years post op).

    Hopefully, they will explain it to you properly when you go.


  • Could this also explain pains in that area when doing exercising, stretching mainly using the area around stomach etc. ?

  • I'm thinking so I will ask when o see consultant on 18th and let the forum know

  • That would be nice Denise. Answers to such questions I cannot get from a doctor. I was transplanted 2009. I sometimes get weird feeling around the scar "weatherwise". But I do daily exercising 30 to 60 mins. Involving a lot of body stretching etc. I heard this is could for the circulation of the liver and organs. Sometimes I think I might over do the movements. Look forward to hearing from you soon. xx

  • I asked my consultant today who felt it was adhesions but did check me out for a hernia so it might be worth asking best wishes x

  • Bless you for thinking of me. Thanks very much 😉xx

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