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Big Cyst In The Liver & The Weakened Heart

My aunt, in her 70's, through CT-scan, got this big cyst, 12 CM in diameter occupying the majority of her liver's right-lobe(?) and also got mild fluid retention in her left/right peritoneum area [ascites?]. She has the symptoms of a weakened heart [cardiomyopathy] and confirmed by an ultrasound + angiography. She has some form of infection which appears to be under control, although, currently, she is still suffering from an on-and-off mild fever and periodic throbbing pain in mid-morning somewhere near the left edge of her stomach area where some of the fluid retention had occured. She is currently on some heart medication and was given antibiotic to cure the infection.

What will be the next few best steps to cure her ailments? Any low-risk procedures to consider knowing the 12-CM-in-diameter cyst currently occupying parts of her liver and her weakened heart?

Thank's in advance for your replies...

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Hi Patplan, sorry you've not received any replies on your post, none of us are medically trained in order to provide a qualified answer since your auntie seems to have a rather complicated pattern of symptoms just now combined with advanced age. The cardiac problems are possibly going to prevent much surgical intervention, however, as I say none of us are qualified to provide much further guidance and hopefully you can have further discussion with her medical team as to what they plan to to going forward.

Sorry I can't help much further.

Katie x


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