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Shot in the dark:

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I saw my doctor yesterday. They are reevaluating me for transplant. I have diagnostic parasenthesis Tuesday so they can determine if my tumor is under 3 cm. if it is and its not spread then I may qualify. I have some hope now. The diagnostic parasenthesis they drain me then refill me. Anyone been drained then refilled? You people here are a real support team. Now I go to read all the kind notes you have left me here. Oh yes, I have gotten 8 lbs. of fluid off my abdomen since last SaturdayπŸ˜› i do not need to be drained but the fluid reveals info they ned to assess the possibility of transplant. Aloha

26 Replies
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Brill news-lets hope for the best!

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Fantastic news CF, really hope you can have a transplant, will keep you in my prayers xxx

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I so hope so, Catfishjumpin xx

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Great news! Everything crossed xxx never give up

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I don't very often post or comment, but on this sunny Sunday in the UK when our village church bells ring at about 10.30, l'll say a prayer for you, and wish you all the best for Tuesday. Love Anne

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Catfishjumpin in reply to Anne48

You are very kind. Thank you. Good luck to you too.

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When you think all the doors have closed another can come out of nowhere.

When I was ill and given only months, I had to push my consultant for a transplant assessment. Had he not refered me I would have gone to the transplant unit and presented myself. That's your focus now. You have to break things down into smaller victories. Being reconsidered for assessment is definitely a victory. And a step in the right direction. Now that you're being considered focus on getting to that assessment. There may even be setbacks, when this happens don't give up, find a way around it, and stay positive.

You have been an inspiration to me with your determination to stay on top of your own health. That takes some real mental strength, and is exactly the qualities the Dr's and surgeons will be looking for during your assessment. Keep us informed.

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Catfishjumpin in reply to RodeoJoe

I am terrified of my upcoming parcentesis. I watched how its done on video. They only do a local. I do not want to be awake while the push, jab, wiggle that needle and drain. I was told it could take an hour. My platelets are extremely low, my bllod count low. I see no reason I should have to be present. I want to be medicated. I prefer being put under. Am calling my doc and requesting one or the other. I am tirednow. I have been fighting this since 2004 jumping thru one hoop then another. Thats a heck of a medieval procedure and to be present watching because you have no choice is not necessary.

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grace111 in reply to Catfishjumpin

i just watched the video. well a couple of them. love grace.xoxo

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RodeoJoe in reply to RodeoJoe

I had a narrow escape from having to have that done once. I had 2 Dr's at the end of my bed with an ultra sound and a big needle. It's procedure when you have ascities to take a sample and test it for infection. However I had been taking diuretics and most of the water had gone and there wasn't enough of a gap between my skin and my intestines. So they had to abandon. It was close!!!

You're obviously terrified and with good reason. There are ways to just go into the zone with these procedures, almost like an out of body experience, and it's happening to someone else. Have a google, it's about breathing, focusing on something else and it works.

This is the start of a number of needles being poked into you, liver biopsy, ammonia blood test, possible bone marrow biopsy, countless numbers of cannula's, blood tests and endoscopies. When you wake up from surgery there's tubes coming out of your neck, 2 in you stomach, nose, and mouth etc.

I've had some really painful liver biopsies in the past, and I had to have one before going to assessment. I made a bit of a fuss about it and asked if it was necessary, could I have general etc. The consultant warned me that when I went for assessment total compliance works greatly in your favour. There's nothing nice about a transplant and if you don't look like you're made of the right stuff it may be a black point against you.

All of these procedures are superficial. Nothing will go wrong, it's all in the mind. If you can control that fear it's going to make the "journey" so much easier. I now consider myself a Jedi Master at this now.

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Catfishjumpin in reply to RodeoJoe

Yes I know that out of body routine, I am Buddhist. Once into it, I will cooperate, relax, hope for most simple outcome. They almost killed me with a routine liver biopsy 2003. I like how you fought for yourself. I will adopt that for sure. I too have almost no fluid in me now. I got it off. Food and fluid restrictions. Today as well as yesterday I felt great.. I could cycle now. They told me two years ago I was an excellent canidate for transplant. I had a consult with the doctor that does them here. She has a remarkable reputation. Its because I am still so fit with no yellow in my skin or eyes. Thank you for your story. It helps to know how to push forward.

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RodeoJoe in reply to Catfishjumpin

If you've shifted a lot of the fluid you might get away with it like I did. Fingers crossed.

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Catfishjumpin in reply to RodeoJoe


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Best of luck,you deserve any chance you can get. You never complain about your health and always offer help and advice to others. Thinking of you,keep us posted xx

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Catfishjumpin in reply to guineapig1


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Woo hoo! That's just greeeaaaatttt! So glad to hear this news!

I'll light a candle and send good thoughts & energy that it's less than three!

That's going to be my new mantra..just say no to three! Giggles ! Keep the faith..I will be.

Thinking of you..we all are, as you can tell!

Love hugs and just say no to three!

Your American Pickle

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Catfishjumpin in reply to dckimberly

You are just the best girl. You take care. You are really strong woman, totally determined.

fingers crossed for you!

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What wonderful, hopeful, positive, enlightening news to wake up to Cat! I'm absolutely thrilled at the thought. πŸ˜€

I just cannot WAIT for your next post! I know it's going to be good.

You have taught me and others on here what sheer determination really is. You fight it from your core my good friend and do not give up.

It WILL be no more than 3cm and isolated.

God bless you my friend,

Love, Clare xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Ditto to the above! White.feather, welcome to the club of waiting for the posts. We have already been through the stress with our resident American. I think I have a solution to that however, The entire group inviting ourselves to dinner Tuesday nights (pickles is cooking ). We have got around any spluttering objections by the simple expediency of not telling her!! Phew, catfish. phew! Peace and light, anne x

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Oh Catfish what good news! Tears are in my eyes! Lots love Sam xx

All I can say is good luck Catfish you have always got back to my posts what a strong person you are and here is me feeling sorry for myself cause I don't know what is happening to me :( my thoughts are with you.................Maria x

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Like many of our forum friends, you have been on my mind hun. I have everything crossed for you. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€

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Thank you.

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Hope you get the chance to have a transplant. Everything crossed for you. Xoxox

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Thank you.

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