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Appointment confirmed

Lekke Djy! something we say in South Africa......... kind of when things are going right - something has happened or just and expression !

Either way - I had a call from Kingston Hospital Gastro Interlogy Dept to confirm my first ever GI appointment

As it is session1 I am not expected to not eat or drink - so not sure what we will be doing during my appointment. Anyone out there ca remember your first GI appointment?

Do I get ready for tea and scones? Hmmmmmmmmmm

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It's probably just going to be a history gathering chat plus a look at what test results they've already got and a discussion as to what they think is going on - take a list of what questions you want to ask them & a pen to jot down any answers etc.

In UK, normally at clinic they take your weight, sometimes blood pressure and another set of bloods.

I know you've previously reported your HIV + status, do you know whether you've been tested for Hepatitis C or B ? (sadly these often exists side by side with HIV as their transmission is often via similar means). I guess if you had either of these there would have to be some joined up working with your medical teams to see about how the antivirals for both would be managed.

Wishing you all the very best for your appointment Trevy and hope you get some answers.

Katie :)


HI Katie, hope you are well How are things going? Thank you for always responding to posts and message threads - how come you are always on here and so active? Impressed

WRT my appointment with GI, I reckon you can probably not be more accurate in your prediction - I guess there is not much they can do with bloods and ultra sound alone...........

I will just have to wait and see what happens - whether or not there is anything to be discussed OR answer a million and ten questions to try and understand who and what I am - who and what i have been - where I have been and who I was with ........ :-)

I am one step closer to not going I guess - which is better than bad - ha ha ha

What are the weekend plans >?


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Thanks Trevor, yes I guess I need to get a life and get off here once in a while LOL. I just dip in and out whenever I sit down at the computer & if I think I can offer a view, guidance or help on a post then I do so (just my nature to try and help!). I only work part-time now with caring for hubby. I am self-employed doing talks in schools so I also only work when I have bookings so I tend to have lots of spare time.

This weekend I shouldn't be about much because believe it or not I am off out on duty with the Police ...... I am a volunteer Police Officer and our local town has a busy event on so I am off out to help support the regular officers.

All the best, Katie :)


As I've said previously, my experience was different as I was already in intensive care - but I imagine that this would be a run-of-the-mill question and answer assessment prior to booking a gasteroscopy (I had this done under general anaesthetic because stress will bring on my epileptic seizures, and they knew that I was already behaving in a rather panic-stricken manner after not being allowed to get any sleep on the obs ward the night before).

Keep us posted, and good luck :)


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