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First QE Appointment


Hey everyone,

I’m new here, have lurked and read a lot for a little while!

My partner is 49, was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in April 2018, shortly after his mother unexpected passed away from cirrhosis/liver failure. My partner isn’t a drinker, the only cause has been put down to being told 14yeaes ago he had a fatty liver, but was never advised to make any lifestyle change.

So here we are, since April 2018 it’s been a rollercoaster ride that has seen my partner diagnosed with Addisons Disease as well.

We or he I should say, are now at the point of being put forward for liver transplant assessment and have had an appointment through for Birmingham QE.

So finally the reason for the post, what should we expect? What happens at this first appointment?


Gem x

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Hi Gem85x

Welcome to the forum.

You will hopefully find our website useful, there is general information on cirrhosis and also liver transplantation that you can download;

I am sure our members will be able to help you with regards to transplant assessment at the QE.

If you would like a chat, our helpline it is open tomorrow 10am to 14.45 on 0800 652 7330

We hope you find the forum a supportive place to visit

Warm wishes


I can't help with the Birmingham appointment, but I would suggest that your hubby speak to all of brothers or sisters and ask them to get a check up, as some people are predisposed to liver disease, especially as his mother also sadly passed away from it.

Gem85x in reply to NotSoSerious

There’s only him, no brothers or sisters!


Hi Gem

And Welcome to this phenomenal forum. Sorry I just love the word phenomenal 😁

Well quite a few of us here have been through this first appointment assessment session at QEHB! I’ll say what I remember and then others may add or probably correct me! 😁

Firstly and most importantly you are both very lucky to be referred to QEHB - obviously I don’t mean lucky for the reason why you are being referred there! But lucky because QEHB is, like many other specialist liver transplant hospitals, phenom... oops carried away again - fantastic. You really should look forward to it because of where it may get you results wise and the fact you will meet others in the same boat as you in an ultra friendly atmosphere 👍👍.

Yes he will have a few tests, he may even fall asleep in one of them like I did, but they are absolutely nothing to stress about! When I say the hardest is blowing in to a tube to check you can blow you’ll know what I mean. 😁👍. Yes there’s blood tests - but aren’t there always. He’ll have arms like pin cushions 😁 if he goes all the way through the process? Pin cushions, is of course, a figure of speech and not literally - Phew 😁😁!

A nice little chat with one of the transplant coordinators and a video and group chat - whopee 😁 - and yes, it’s true, sandwiches and other bits and pieces and as much coffee or squashes as you want 👍.

It is an eye opener to meet others in the same boat. For some reason it makes you feel so much better, at least it did me!

So celebrate (not alcoholically (made up word?) of course) and get the flags out, it, hopefully, for you both is the start of an “exciting” journey - exciting may seem an odd word but when you think of what the end result may bring you both, as it did my wife and I, it IS or was, in our case, indeed truly exciting!

Go for it!


Gem85x in reply to Hidden

Thank you Miles, we are indeed very happy to be given the chance. Our specialist seems to think my partner is a little early for the list yet but fingers crossed.

Hi there, sorry to hear about hubbies illness. If you like you can read my posts as I gave update daily when he had assessment. I did it so others can have an idea what to expect. Hope all goes well for you both


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