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Fatty Liver

Hi, I've been told a while back by my doctor that I had a fatty liver. My history is I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and consequently started a course of Chemo. I think my fatty liver started from there but can't be sure. My doctor does regular blood checks and I made an appointment a couple of weeks ago where she sent me for a blood test, the results for my liver function / gamma came back high but I don't know what high is? She sent me for a second test a week later and results came down slightly. To be on the safe side she is sending me for a scan and I'm waiting for that to come through. Until then I'be cut out alcohol completely :-) xx

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I am no expert but I have never heard of chemo causing fatty liver, it takes years to cause it and it's through diet and alcohol that you end up with it, also some hereditary conditions. If your blood's improved in a week or two that's a good sign and they will be doing the scan to see how fatty your liver is, but great news fatty liver can be reversed only if your more aware of what you eat, drink and exercise. Good luck


Thank you for your reply, you're probably right I've not heard of it either, but my liver readings started to change after Chemo. I'll wait for the scan and see what happens!

Cheers :-)

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