Anyone suffering with cramp or muscle spasms...I stretch or move my leg or arms and I'm getting a cramp like effect in my body....I have no idea what's going on, besides the fact that I am doing a very good impression of Quasimodo....

I went out for a do at the Royal Albert Hall last weekend and wore heels...every time I put one foot in front of the other I felt it....I looked drunk!! I don't even drink :-(

Anyone have any thoughts?

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  • My husband gets leg and feet cramps only started in the last few months. He will be fine one minute and then be doubled over in pain the next. Not nice at all. we are due in the QE next week so hoping they can shed some light. Horribly thing cramps. :(

  • I'm on prednisolone (steroids) which can cause cramps. A tip often given by others is to try: eating a banana a day (for the potassium). Drinking tonic water (without the gin!) for the quinine. Magnesium baths. Not overtiring your muscles - cramp is mainly a symptom of tired muscles. With liver disease, dont assume that cramp is lack of salt and start taking in more salt.

  • Before transplant my hubby was given quinine tablets for the cramps. It goes with liver issues

  • Yes ive had these from my g.p. and they work.

  • Hi I get terrible cramps especially in the top of my legs where they go into a spasm. Also hands and the top of my foot, I've tried remedies but think it's medication,

  • I get them all the time aswell.

    I even get cramp in my neck / jaw! And have to gurn my way out of it! :)

    They seem to have reduced since taking vitamin D and I know that does have a lot to do with muscles :) xx

  • I get them occasionally in my legs but just recently had it a couple of times in my fingers which is most odd. I find haribo sorts it out 😜

  • That's haribo finger, a condition found mostly among those who appreciate the fine end of the confectionary scale, other symptoms include placing said confection on fingers as if to mimic rings and then eating the confectionary from there, of and stick fingers.

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • I have had the worst cramps ever, legs have been unbearable, tonic water helped, don't seem so bad at the moment. I reckon worst than child birth......

  • Are you kidding about cramp. I get it a lot in the small of the foot and the back of the leg. Most of the time if its a night cramp on both feet at the same time. I put a sock on with a bar of soap in it over the pained area. Don't ask me why but it does work, google it and you'll see.

    I don't know what the cause is because I'm on aspirin which should help I would have thought. But then I was thinking if it had anything to do with anaemia, my thinking is that if your white blood cell count was low, then there'd be less cells able to carry enough oxygen to the muscles. Knowing me I've most likely got it totally wrong.

  • I am not suffering with cramps, but have historically watched my husband reeling with pain as an attack started. My response, " magnesium and calcium". From my tablet box of bits and herbs came Ex-Cal which contains both, plus Vit D, necessary for absorption. That was nearly 10 years ago. Previously I had recommended Ex-Cal for prevention of osteoporosis, ..taken it myself for 31 years, through 3 pregnancies, (the baby needs calcium and takes from mother). Now I discover its helping older people with aches and cramping.

  • Thanks everyone, I have an appointment today with my local hepatologist, I will mention it to her, see if she can shed any light!!

  • I take Magnesium with Calcium and Xinc , agreed by my consultant . The arthritic like pains in my legs , ankles and hands, and any cramps totally disappeared . I dont take potassium but do have a banana a day and additional fruits. Berries are high in potassium and low in fructose too. I also eat two Brazil nuts a day to I've me adequate selenium.

  • Good God I forgot about the cramps but reading this I sat here wincing now remembering the nights I was in agony as above I started drinking tonic water and I do remember a slight improvement gp wouldn't prescribe me the quinine tablets I also had restless feet/legs around same time tonic water was great for that or a hot bath when I could get in it lol 😁

  • Ok, so I am clearly going out to get some tonic water tonight. I saw my local liver specialist yesterday and she suggested I could be low in magnesium or electrolytes so more blood tests - yay :-( Thank you all for your replies!!

  • Hi

    I use a magnesium oil spray every night. 5 sprays on each leg. Works wonders for me, no cramps for past 6 months.

    Good luck, Anne

  • I had what I can only describe as a 'pre-cramp' feeling in my legs and feet last week, it felt like I was about to go into spasm any second. I never associated it with PBC. I had been eating a banana most days up until my neighbour told me a bananas were not good for me as her husband had diabetes (and other underlying illness) and wasn't allowed bananas. I have started eating them again this week purely as fruit to eat at work rather than something sweet. This site is really informative,!

  • Hi, yea I feel quite a bit of cramps, like today my fingers and thumbs kept getting cramps. I also found that when I went up to Kings for an appointment, it's normally a whole day by the time I get home, I tend not to drink enough fluid and that night I would suffer terrible cramps all night. I now make sure I drink more fluid and the problem is much reduced. Referring to the cramp today and a previous post about getting back to work/ activity. I did my first stint of volunteering and obviously I didn't take on enough fluid. I feel the affects of it a bit today but boy did I enjoy it and the help I could give to some older folk.

  • When I have cramps I take Dioralyte. It always does the trick with me. Hope it's of some help. xx

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