Liver cramp/spasm

Hi everyone, apart from what has been going on with me recently ie, catheter and my last posts mainly moaning and groaning about my cirhossis and other things Ive been getting severe cramp in my liver area. If I turn around to reach something, or lean down and turn or just move differently I am struck with such a severe cramp pain that leaves me unable to move until it has gone. Not seeing hepatologist until March now due to my Feb appointment being moved. Started eating a banana a day as lack of potassium can give you cramp but I don't get it anywhere else. Anyone else experienced this?

Seeing GP next week. Last bloods in August was LFT 125 which is apparently excellent for me. I think it was lft, but it was the one that measures enzymes. Doctor will just tell me to wait to see hepatologist.

Thanks for listening to my latest moan.


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  • Hello 😘😘😘 this may be completely irrelevant but - me (the wife) not rob - get cramps in what I would call my rib cage ???? Is that similar ??? I am 44 - slightly overweight and had a large baby 11 years ago and that's what GP has put it down to 😂😂 also my sister and mum get this as well - it normally happens if I try to reach for something and then get the spasms and it sometimes takes half hour to stop - if I stretch arms up and lean back it helps - also do t know if relevant but as I don't have womb and only 1 ovary that's given up I am on HRT but sister has ovaries which are almost knackered and mum at 72 has none 😂😂 - so have read it can be hormonal/menopause related ???? Just another bloody thing to add to the list 😫😫😫 don't know if this is the same but can safely say if it is then it's not liver related as we are OK in that respect - all a bit mental but our livers are ok 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi and thanks for your reply. Thanks for your reassurance. I too have had to have an ovary removed and tube and thats what the urologist has told me that has probably caused my acute bladder retention - thus - the catheter Ive had in for nearly 3 months. When you have cirhossis you tend to panic especially when it feels like the liver is going to explode with pain when the cramp comes. I'll see what the hepatologist and my next bloods show.

    Best wishes to you and hubby

    julie x

  • Are you constipated? This happens to me, the liver cramps so I can tell you only what I think and how I manage.i put my hands on my liver, I massage it gently, I think easy peaceful loving thoughts about it to it. Too much protein can bring the cramp on, sugar, over eating, sodium, processed foods, too much fluid intake. You can rub it with castor oil but get one that is 100% natrual pure. You can put Tiger Balm on it. I use these seldom and sparingly. Coffee can make it spasm. Its having a hard time right now for some reason but its likely to pass. Our livers are in such poor shape with such a huge burden of work to perform, I think of mine at times as an old aging work horse that needs to lie down but its being whipped to move bile and ammonia and its throwing its Platelets into our spleens, its no wonder it aches badly at times. I hope yours is peaceful again soon. Aloha

  • Hi, your e mail makes perfect sense. I drink 2-3 litres of water a day, too much hidden salt, lots of prescription meds, the protein intake isn't high as I dont eat meat or cheese. I have a catheter which Ive had in for 3 months - soon to be taken away so I will catheterise myself after being taught very soon after a pelvic scan. I drink coffee in the mornings. It seems to be improving slowly but your advice has certainly got me thinking. I don't rest at all and fight tiredness until near collapse. My platelets have been very low since diagnosis 6 years ago and my spleen and liver enlarged a lot.

    Hope you keep well and thanks for your kind and informative reply.

    Julie x

  • let me know anyway I can help. I do not know about cather but clearly you are ill if you have one. you may have to take some of your meds, one day I could be on meds. I understand we are at all different levels here with this disease and all of us struggling to feel any better at all. I am about to go cycle this morning on the island. Good luck to you and I would love to continue to hear from you. I am able to tell you lots about food. I spend my life studying what to eat to keep my organs going and my blood labs looking safe enough. Aloha

  • Hi, thank you for a very kind message. The catheter business started in October after being admitted with over 3 litres of urine stuck in my bladder. Catheter taken out, went a couple of weeks then had to call the out of hours doctor due to not passing water for a couple of days and pain and a huge stomach. He put me on catheter here at home and Ive been on it ever since. Saw a urologist last week, waiting for an urgent scan but he says theres not much hope of fixing me and thinks its nerve damage from a gynea operation not helped by ascities which I seem to have due to a quick weight gain. Going to be taught to catheterise myself asap so I havent got to wear a leg bag which restricts my going out due to having to empty it and then plugging into a night bag.

    Interesting to see if the scan shows something that can be fixed.

    I'm middle way in this illness of cirhossis. Not end stage or anything like that at the moment thank goodness. Still able to look after myself at home by myself, have a good GP and see a hepatologist every three months due to see him in March which is unfortunate as I should have seen him in December but appointment kept being cancelled and it gets longer between seeing him. What is your health situation? I'm a good listener as well so message me anytime.

    Thanks again

    julie x

  • The pain I'm getting is on the ribcage too. I have an ultrasound on Monday so I'll let you know. Its mainly right side bit I have a shadow on my lung too so could be different. Hope you feel better and hope to ring you soon. If really bad A&E it with an ambulance, always worth checking for peace of mind, I'm certainly glad I did as everyone told me it's just a bug we're weak and prone to infection but clearly wasn't Xx

  • Thanks for that, at least you have replied to me which is nice. I will keep an eye on it

    julie x

  • I also get an odd pain accompanied by a twisting feeling just under my right rib cage at different times. I am not sure what this means, but is anyone else does, please say.

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