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Hi all just wanted to give an update. Saw consultant yesterday my husband has to stay on 20mg prednisolone till we see her again in 6 weeks. She has also put him on a low dose of azathioprine which will be upped later when the prednisolone is reduced. He has to have bloods done every week. Also on propranolol (beta blockers slow releasing) for his varacies. Had an endoscopy but not needed any banding. Also on Lactulose for constipation and a mouthwash as the steroids have given him thrush in the mouth. He cannot take anything for his back only a gel or paracetamol but the ultrasound yesterday showed something up with the kidneys which might be part of the problem. I might add my husband had bladder cancer 4 years ago, the hospital would not operate but sent him on a trial (hyperthermic mytamycin) and he ended up with no control over his bladder so really going through it. Got to have his 6 month cystoscopy Friday so we are keeping our fingers crossed for the all clear again.

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Good luck hun, fingers crossed he's all clear xoxo


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