Rifaximin and meat

I have been diagnosed as having mild hepatic encephalopathy and prescribed Rifaximin by my HEP. to clear toxins from my blood. I have read that I should only eat a little meat but can't determine what is a "little?" I am trying to eat more vegetable proteins as well as lots of fruit and veg.

Can anyone recommend a suitable book with ideas or a suitable web site?

Any help would be great.

Thank you

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  • Afternoon,

    On the BLT website, it gives and idea of weights and grams of what you should intake, there is actually a booklet you can download and keep that gives lots of information that you may find handy in particular to do with HE. I think the idea is that meat is difficult for the liver to breakdown so although we need it it is better to eat things that are easily broken down...i.e eggs, nuts, vegetables etc.

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks, Chelle, for the info. See you on Tuesday at Liver4Life's "LiverChat!"?

  • Unfortunately not this time, I have an endoscopy at QA at 1630 for more banding so will be having fun there instead!

  • Sorry to hear about the banding, Chelle; I'll be thinking of you. Next Liver chat! should be on 18th April, but not sure as that's the day after Easter Monday. I'll find out on Tuesday (21st) and let you know. Hope all goes well for you. Diane.

  • Thank you. I emailed them to see if no one would mind me attending the support group...if not to find out another one for me; even start my own if I have to...Biscuits for me only then :-) lol x

  • Hi Chelle, Glad to hear you were spared the banding this time. I went to "Liver Chat; there were about dozen there which isn't too bad for the first time. Richard, the one from Liver4Life said he had received an email from you and he would be pleased for you to come. Next month,on 18th April, he is hoping to have a Hep to answer our questions etc. So no need to form your own group!,

  • Hello Koinonia,

    Are you attending a regular liver clinic ? If so there might be a dedicated dietician attached to the team. Mine was invaluable pre transplant. I had a detailed plan in place and it certainly got me fit enough for being listed.

    Might be worth contacting your clinic and asking to be referred.

    For general guidelines, follow chelle's advice and go to the British Liver Trust website.


  • Thanks Jim.I am attending a Hepatology clinic and last year was sent to the Dietian..... and put on about a kilo of weight in no time!!!!!I don't need to do that .The advice in the BLT looks better for me!

  • Hi there! I have same issues. In fact I have to take an extra antibiotic every other day, other than the rifA for mine. I don't eat much red mean to begin with, but I do love seafood! Also lots of yummy beans, the good kind gives you healthy protein. I have a lot of apple juice also, fresh, to keep system clear since often lactulous does not do the job. When things are very bad, I use a fleets enema. I've always had serious constipation, it took my doctorsa while to figure out that I WAS taking my meds, but had this issue since childhood. I was diagnosed at age 12. Back then my mom was told to give me more bran.

    But keep your system flushed while getting your vitamins is very important. If you don't, the HE can be quite bad. I was having dementia type symptoms for two days a week, complete memory loss then shaking and vomiting trying to recover for a few more days.

    A change in diet, although I already eat healthy became even more important.

    As stated, your liver has a tough time processing red meat. I'd try and get rid of it altogether.

    Check out vegetarian cookbooks also. Plenty of free recipes online, not to mention the vegitaian section at the grocery store.

    Good luck, cheering you on!


  • Thank you for that Kimberly. It is great to hear from someone with similar experience but more knowledge. As far as constipation is concerned I find that eating 3/4 soft, dried apricots first thing in the morning (before breakfast) followed by a mug of hot tea works wonders for me. I also try to eat fiber at other times. I hate Lactulose!!!! I eat plenty of fresh fruit and make lots of vegetable soups so OK with vitamins but find proteins a problem as I am allergic to fish. Do you eat eggs or chicken? I tried Quorn and Tofu but am not very keen on either. I will take your advice and look on line for vegie dishes to try.

    Thank you for all your advice Diane

  • i love eggs, and yes chicken once or so a week. Tofu is yucky! lol..but I do find that there are more and more selections for veggie eaters. Being from the US we have the luxury of so many fruits and veggies, plus the cost is much lower. Here they can only grow and farm so much..but I will say, living just down the road from the TipTree jam factory..the best strawberries in the world are to be found in England. I'm in Essex, out in a small village on the estuary..it gets very hot and dry here, so that's nice!

    good luck!


  • 50 years ago we lived in a village in an area of Essex which is now part of an enormous built-up area. Your area sounds idyllic. (I am now 75!)

    I went shopping for beans yesterday but only found tinned ones--perhaps I'll try the Health food shop another day I also bought more nuts (and some strawberries!) I've planned roast chicken for Sunday instead of beef or lamb and it's egg today.

    Thank you again for your help---it's veggie recipes next.

    By the way I take Movicol twice a day as I have for years and it does help but gently, but I think Lactulose does more in the bowel than make you go.

    Bless you Kimberly


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