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I've posted on here a few times lately, my husband Peter at 79 was desperately hoping to be considered for a transplant, but despite being fit and healthy apart from his decompensated cirrhosis and associated problems, has been turned down. We are both devastated and his specialist has given him a prognosis of one to three years. His HE is partularly bad at the moment and he has had a sizeable clot for the past year in his portal vein which is not responding to a double dose of Rivaroxaban. His specialist organised a CT scan thinking cancer and we are now waiting for an MRI for same. Has anyone out there had any experience along these lines? I have to admit I am feeling very isolated not just as a career but feeling totally inept.

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Am new to this forum and still awaiting first consultation. I just wanted toreach out to you as it must be devastating to be told your news. I have found this forum a great support so hopefully you will too.. God Bless 🙂


sorry to hear the news .I have compensated ALD; 9 Years this June .I have my first actual appointment with heperologist on 28 Feb .I was discharged from gastroenterology two years ago so Only been relying on blood tests .if I were you in would ask further questions a that's what I did with my doctor .I drive him.mad at times but that's what he's there for .oh and don't get looking on Google either , things you read make it seem worse .hope you both find some sort of help .stay strong x

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