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Liver kidney TX

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First, happy holidays to all of you!

I have missed you friends dearly.

Just left Addenbrookes Hospital this evening.

Had to go in a few days early because red cell count plummeted from 6.7 on Monday last in clinical to 6. On Thursday, when I was admitted. My jaundice level rose, bill was up stopped using loo as soon as I was admitted and they put in catheter.

Today after assessment meeting I was given the news..not only a new liverneeded, but a kidney also. They were going to bring me back next week on my 50th birthday for a renal biopsy, but decided the risk for heavy bleeding to great. I am on injections for blood thinning, so my platlettes counts are low to begin with.

Instead of 12 for blood count, 7.5 is average for me.

I was told about 20 people yearly get this TX with liver kidney, and have of those are! I'm so one of about ten adults in Great Brittian that will be or are on the list. My head of team said it is twice the risk and recipients taken twice the time to heal.

Has anyone out there had the deal surgery? If so, could you please let me know about it?

Thank you in advance.

One really cool thing is my consultant thought is wasso great how for a month prior to hospital I was able to work on my art and how the right side of my brain was shaking but the left, predominate hand and body were steady as a rock. I do a lot of miniature cutouts. Etc. they were interested in possibly doing study, which I promptly volunteer for, offering to bring in all supplies and willing to teach others who have this wretched hepatic enchalopothy.

It helps to focus the creative mind, and in the end, you'll have something to show for it! This really excited me...a way to give back to others, and like my doctor said, it must be better than tablets! Lol!

Here is a photo of the 7 inch books I designed. Hope it does not appear upside down like it is shoeing me prior to posting!

Have yourselves a very merry Christmas...and thank you for the gift of friendship, knowledge and understanding!


Your American Pickle,


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Hi Kimberly. Wow sounds like you have a lot on your plate. But you sound positive which is great. I'm not in the same situation as you but I did find a video on you tube by the BBC which shows the story of a man who needed a kidney a liver transplant. Is very good.

Hope you have a great Christmas

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very good this link. Watched it. Hope you can have a nice Christmas πŸŽ„. Your art work is fantastic. 😊. Take care hun. Thinking about you xx

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yeah i just watched it sheri ,,,,was mind blowing xoxo

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Thanks so much!

Thx so very much

Thanks for sharing this..just finished watching it..amazing

I saw a piece on the TV before I was diagnosed with PBC - not sure if it was this - but I immediately signed up on the donor register on my phone. I guess they won't want my liver but they can have anything else that's good for some other poor soul. Some good people out there. Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2017 to all.


Hi Kimberly ,,really good to hear from you ,,,you sound in good spirits ,,,enjoy your xmas with family and friends ,,,,lots love Matthew

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And the same for you and yours, Mathew!

Cheering you on!

Hi Kimberely , you do know me you were a member of LWC , we do have a member who had a successful double transplant earlier this year. Within the last 6 months actually and has already had a weeks holiday in Italy . He is doing great and has recovered quicker than many just needing a liver , so guessing one of the lucky ones.

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That sounds great! Do you know what tests are done to check that you are suitable for a transplant? Apparently it's fairly rigorous. My relative has been told that they need this too and i'm considering being a living donor but apparently can't donate both as too much of a strain on the body.

They are looking very frail and ill and wasting away....painful to watch :(

God Bless you, keep strong my thoughts and prayers will be with today at midnight mass

and will pray that you get the present you so richly deserve


Hey!. On top of all this you are still feeling good. You are a positive lady and that's great. Have a happy and merry Christmas....

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Thank You!


Hi Kimberly . First of all it's nice to see you back , thank you for your Christmas message . You have had a lot to deal with Hun , yet here you see as usual .. So positive and caring . I wish you all the very best for Chritmas and the new year . Linda πŸŽ„β˜ƒxx

Cards look great.

Wow I didn't realize only 20 people per year have this double transplant. Is that 20 people in the whole country or 20 people at Addenbrookes?

What tests did you have done to check you were suitable for transplant? I have heard they are fairly rigorous. Is the hand tremor, constantly going to the toilet and insomnia part of the pattern of liver cirrhosis.

My relative needs a double transplant but is terrified about it. Prefers to ignore what is going on but will be undergoing tests to check suitability. Is wasting away..weight dropping..albumin dropping...forgetting conversations they've had..

Am considering being a donor in some respect...either liver or kidney..can't do both..though not sure what to expect

hiya kimberly. wish you all the very best for your health. you are such a lovely girl. the cards look very impressive i do see that they are upside down. they still look good and i can see all the lovely details i love the xmas tree. and the gold card is my favourite. i like the shadow through the window. its very well made. i pray that everything goes well for you and as david5354 said i hope you get the gift you so richly deserve. all my love and prayers are sent your way. love grace xoxo πŸ™πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸŽ„β€οΈ

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Thanks love and they are not cards but actual empty books with 3D winter scenes inside I created. I don't make cards, I actually design some for crafters to buy my designs. 9 inch miniature houses in three D are actually what I sell most of, again I sell the designs though a very large American company..although Create and Craft here in the UK had approached me to design for thinking about it!

Cheering you on!


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well done there's no stopping you , its good to have a hobbly or something that your good at , i was a nail technician and enjoyed that however i stopped though ilness and then the chemicals got to me. i also taught dance on a very small level. im trying to get fit again. i was told after my operation it would take a year for the muslces to heal properly so I'm taking it very easy but every little bit help. im trying to think of something i could do at home myself. i do like the book with the xmas tree on it i took it of and turned it the correct way and had a better look at it. also i like the butterfly on the other one. you really are having a tough time i read your posts and my heart goes out to you and you are so cheerful too. i hope that you have a lovely day today. i wish you all the very best for the future too. i should have read you post properly as you did say it was 7 inch books. i blame it on the pain killers as they do make me forgetful. love grace xoxoxo.πŸŽ„πŸ™‹πŸΌ

Hi Kimberley, very artistic and creative! Lovely. Hope 2017 brings improved health! x

Good to see you are still keeping positive. You're an inspirational lady.

Love & Good Wishes.xx

not as much as we've missed you-wishing a happy 2017-love the books

Hello Hun,

Been in hospital past few weeks - I am so pleased for you! Wishing the transplants come soon and that you can recover to enjoy a new year full of hope and happiness.

Yours truly,


Beautiful and delicate little books.Amazing! lots of love and admiration for you.

Thinking of you and wishing you everything your heart desires You are a beautiful soul and a rock of inspiration and strength and positivity and good cheer. You helped me survive through my darkest hours of loss and your direction was invaluable to me dear Kimberley

Get Well Soon!

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