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Normal ALT level for 28 year old?


I had my liver function results yesterday and I am a bit concerned. When I had my ALT measured in May this year it was 16 umol/L but now in December it is 25 umol/L. I am unsure if this is something I should worry about?

I am 28 years old and a social drinker. I am aware that I do drink too much on weekends and am trying to cut this down. With Christmas coming up I am worried and feel that I have done damage. Can someone explain this increase to me and tell me what the optimal level would be for w young woman of my age?

Thank you

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Your own doctor should be able to tell you the normal range for ALT that they use (it does vary from lab to lab and can impact on comparing your results to other people's). Test results should always be interpreted using the reference range from the laboratory that produced the result.

Women's normal level should be less than or equal to about 34 u/L. Males less than or equal to 52 (our hospital says 5-55 u/L). BUT your own lab may have differing ranges so I am not going to say yeah, nay or ok. Your doctor should give guidance along with looking at your full health picture.

What I would point out is that even as a social drinker you are giving your very valuable liver a battering every time you give it a massive hit of alcohol. Whilst I don't think you currently have any liver issues (unless you are experiencing symptom you've not detailed) you still want to look after your liver. You do not need to be an alcoholic to develop liver ill health but by avoiding or at least minimising your alcohol intake you are removing/reducing one risk factor that could trigger damage further down the line.

Enjoy your Christmas sensibly and just be aware of looking after your liver, my hubby is the one with a liver illness (cirrhosis due to auto-immune hepatitis) he's been t-total for life and now that I know more about the liver I too have taken a look at my own health and am making necessary changes to look after mine. I've never been any sort of drinker, a very occasional single beer or glass of wine but I am concious of it being a toxin now. However, the biggest toxins we all assail our liver with every day are the high fat, high salt and high sugar and processed foods we eat every day so a sensible approach to health needed all round.

Just look after yourself generally. Take a look at the British Liver Trust on Looking After Your Liver for sensible lifestyle advice on looking after that very valuable organ. britishlivertrust.org.uk/li...

All the best, Katie :)


Hi Katie,

Thank you for your reply. The range was <35 so I am in the normal range but what you say is very true and I need to take heed. I have been around alcohol from a young age and the constant social drinking is taking it's toll. i am extremely healthy and active in all areas except drinking which makes me angry as I don't want to be causing damage to my body.

There are lots of pressures to drink, especially around Christmas but I am trying to take steps to curb it as I have had a very close family member die from alcohol abuse so I have seen the devastating consequences.

I wish you and your husband the best health and thank you for your advice I will definitely take it on board.

Best wishes,



Enjoy xmas and make a New Years resolution to keep below 14 units per week from January and avoid binges. Seasons greetings

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Do you know if 25 umol/L is high?


No, if your lab range is less than 35 then you are spot on in range at 25. High would be anything above 35 and problematic levels can reach into the hundreds or even thousands.

Just go sensible as discussed earlier.

Katie x

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Thanks Katie


Hi I'm pretty certain that's well within range-check with the links on the British liver trust website

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Thanks Briccolone


you're most welcome

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