Gall bladder or severe fetal impaction/constipation causin pain in my bk n ribs

I currently suffer from gall bladder stones and flare ups mainly on a night but since it first started in oct ive had a stent fitted. Since the ERCP ive had constant pain in my upper abdomen n middle of my back i were prescribed oramorph for pain by hospital but due to severe constipation/featal impaction the oramorph were stopped. I have nw been put on 2x10mg amitriptyline at night with 3x100mg gabapentin i aveve noticed they help with my pain slightlybut nt as mch as i hoped for im also on laxido x4 sachets daily but nothing seems to be happening i did go yesterday but wasnt very much i am eating small amounts n drinkin water bt if its nt intenceas a gall bladder flare up cud these pains be severe trapped gasses pushing against my ribs causing me so much pain?

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  • hi baby sorry to hear of your gallstone problem, there are many of us here who have had the same things. why did they put a stent in? when you got the ERCP what wasthe reason for it, was it to remove a stone from the bile duct? i'd be very interested to know. as i had this done but it can all be for very different reasons. iv had my gallbladder out since the end of july i had a major operation and had to have my bile duct reconstructed. how long have you been taking those laxido sachets? does this pain seem the same as the usual gallstone pain or is it different as taking to many laxido can cause abdominal pain feeling bloated wind indigestion nausea vomiting swelling of the abdomen.also can affect kidney function. its really good that you are drinking plenty of water keep that up as that helps flush the system out. i think you should be going either to the hospital or the doctor. so see about this pain as we cant tell you what it is.have you got the patient information leaflet inside the laxido box? maybe you could read that and see if it fits. if you dont have it then you could just google laxido and read it online, keep coming on the forum and im sure others will be around to share their experience with you. are you remembering to eat small meals with as little fat as possible. as thats import. wishing you all the best. love grace xoxoxo

  • Dulcolax suppositries make you go within half hour.

    I'm on ORAMORPH but diagnosed with lazy bowel, however I'm having some tests in New year to find the cause of swollen stomach

    Good luck


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