Waiting for cartwheels

Hi all

have just joined up got hep c , fatty liver & cirrhosis just 2 name a few things I've got just finished 3 mth treatment of Harvoni I've lost 10kgs due 2 healthier eating ( well compared 2 wot I had been eating ) drinking heaps of water & getting off my fat lazy arse & going 4 a walk most days

Hope u'll welcome me in ur gang I look 4wd 2 being in contact with people in same boat 🚢 that understand each utha feelin scared & alone 😢

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  • Hi albee61,

    I'm hep c and have cirrhosis

    I'm waiting to have treatment which i was told will start end November early December so any day now

    although I'm relived after 20 years being hep c in 12 weeks it could be gone forever : ) can i ask if you had any side affects if so what were they,how long will it be before you know if the treatment have been a successful?

    Your right it can be a scary lonely place living with hep c as well as other issue but this blog is helpful as well as insightful as we are all at different stages

    Tracy x

  • Hi 🙋 Tracy

    ur very special 2 me

    u were the very 1st Gangster Member 2 contact me....so thanx heaps ...have finished treatment ...last 4 weeks had really bad depression & migraines...got heaps of stuff going on...prob had nothing 2 do with treatment...stuffed up with regular blood tests....due 2 things being in 2 hard basket 😢 Is this site in Aust ? wldn't it b great if we all cld meet up & talk freely & b there 4 one another...

    l wish 🌠 u heaps of ❤ O's & X's on ur journey...

    b good 2 u

    Kathy x

  • Hi Katy

    you hang in there hun anything you'd like to know just ask me I'll be honest with ya I'm still waiting for treatment to start i rang hospital last week was told it will be asap but when your told it will be in a certain time all your hope's go in i guess I've lived with hep c for past 20 years probably much longer a few more month's won't matter! I also suffer with depression anxiety and have BPD so understand how things get to much sending much love your way wishing you a Merry Christmas your kindness touch me

    Keep in touch

    Much love

    Tracy X

  • definate side effect I suffered with & still am ....is...INSOMNIA ....

    OMG !!!!! I have NEVA. had ANY trouble sleeping....except of course wen I willingly took a substance that kept me awake....but saying that ...... u mightn't have any side effects with lots of luck..... I am so very sorry 4 the long response..... I didn't no how 2 get in2 my inbox ...... silly me haha 😆!!!!!

    Kathy. X

  • Hi albee61 welcome to our little gang of travelers. I had hep C as well for 30 years before I cleared it with Harvoni. Not before it left it's mark with cirrhosis though. I to am trying to keep active and eat well. So I look forward to reading your posts in the future. Everyone in the forum is helpful and welcoming. So all the best Ian

  • thanx 4 being so kind by contacting me & welcoming me 2 b a Gangster I've finished Harvoni....haven't had blood tests ( my fault ) slack but genuine reasons ....CONGRATS !!!!!!

    on ur treatment results that's FANTASTIC!!!!!

    I hope u ur family & friends r extremely proud of u & how far u've come cos I am 😊

    I'd like 2 leave u with a touching quote I read.......

    Wen writing about UR LIFE NEVA

    GIVE ANYONE else the pen... Kathy....❤ O's X's

    Wldn't it b great...4 all of us 2 meet up & talk freely 👌👌

  • Just re-read ur msg

    is it cos the medication is so strong ...it caused cirrhosis do the tests reveal the extent

    Kathy x

  • Hi there no the cirrhosis was caused by having the hepatitis C for so long and nothing to do with the meds. Good luck with your tests.

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