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I have not written for a while. I posted about portal hypertension of which I take carvedilol. I had my second endoscopy last week. I have one column of grade 1 varices. Also told I have antral gastritis and 2 small polyps in the gastric body which looked inflammatory, biopsies were taken. I finished Chemo back in May but still have a bit of pain between the ribs which comes and goes. I was wondering if anyone has had polyps and antral gastritis? I am waiting for the results of a liver scan to see if the liver has grown. I am wondering if the pain I get which is like a dragging sensation is from the Chemo or from the liver. At times, I feel breathless and don't think I am ready yet to return to work.

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  • Hello there, I,m replying until someone with knowledge of your condition comes along. I maybe able to answer one thing though. If the dragging pain you describe is like a dull, almost stone like sensation, that is always there, annoying, then I would say liver. I,ve had it myself, it was as if I had a boulder inside of me others describe it as a wooden feeling, not pleasant and always "there". After a few weeks my liver went from being described as small and granular to swelling to large and I was told it was fighting back and it was a good thing. obviously that was me, but I,ve never forgotten the feeling, it was so hard to explain to the doctors. Worth mentioning it to yours. Hope someone can be of more help to you, Best wishes, anne.

  • Hi, it is like a boulder being there and had it since January and yes it could be the liver growing as my consultant arranged for me to have a scan. Will know on Monday what is going on.

  • Thank you. I am not even a drinker and it is annoying to think I have cirrhosis. All the best to you. Hope you can give up drinking.

  • Yeah hi I've had a similar pain but more pulling down sort of thing but I've got the opposite liver was large now small and high up so bit of a weird one all the best bri

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