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Hello All: 1st-time poster.. I have fatty liver and lower-degree cirrhosis with ascites. I completely believe milk thistle helps the liver process fats and alcohol and heal in general. I notice a significantly healthier body-feeling with it than without whenever I cheat.

Here is an article from WebMD, a popular health site in the US. Thanks. Robert in Haverford, near Philadelphia.

Milk Thistle: Benefits and Side Effects

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  • Dear RGBushey1

    Welcome to Health Unlocked.

    The British Liver Trust does not recommend the use of any homeopathic or herbal remedies for those with any liver problems as these have to be processed by the liver and can actually damage the liver and lead to severe illness.

    More research needs to be done on the use and safety of such remedies and therapies.

    Homeopathic remedies are unregulated in the UK and concentrations of active ingredients vary by brand purchased. If you are considering using complementary or alternative remedies &/or therapies please always discuss this with your liver doctor first.

    Please also see the information on our website here:

    Best wishes


  • I totally believe it works too. I have chronic liver disease yet I'm healthy, show no physical symptoms and hold down a full time job. I owe it all to my vegan diet and milk thistle.

  • Hi there acjb. just been reading your post 75+ fibro score and the following replies which I found most interesting. If you don,t mind my asking have you had a test since?. My results from feb of this year were also 75+. I,m also taking milk thistle and always interested in what others are taking and diet. Thanks. Best wishes anne.

  • Hello tillycindy and BLT, et. al.: I expect to receive updated liver enzyme reports for myself within the next several days and will report them and their context compared to other recent tests to those who are interested when I do.

    I thank the BLT and the UK NHS for this forum.

    In the US, hundreds of millions are raised for breast cancer--which, in terms of all cancers, we also appear to be nearly beating with radio-wave burning of carcinogenic cells and Individual-specific anti-cancer, DNA-specific approches, etc., but support for male and female liver health warrants only mere whispers of support---on a good day!

    I hope, for us, for a human stem cell treatment to regrow diseased liver tissue, but that is another story. We shall see..

    Until then, I sincerely respect, accept and appreciate the BLT's remonstrances towards my post regarding herbal remedies being unapproved, in the UK and USA, for now.

    We must be extremely careful of what we do run through our livers e.g. Gingko balboa and saw palmetto (?) ...

    Nevertheless, for myself, when I (very, very rarely) eat a hearty steak and buttered, sour cream and chived baked potato with wine and a couple of pre-meal bourbons, you can bet I will be having a 200 mg. (at least) gel-cap of milk thistle for dessert. : ). "--God Save the Queen." She is an eternal sweetheart. -BB

  • Very very good post ! RGbushey1 ... My only thing I will say in regards to this .is I cannot drink at all . No alcohol as that is what caused my Cirrosis in the first place . I am no longer under any hospital . My last lft was in June and was all good ! Have myself had a recent lft done as I am due minor surgery to remove two wisdom teeth and they would not go ahead unless the clotting system was good . Well I know it is anyway as I don't bruise and if I have any cut it does not bleed forever , even having blood taken I have no problem ! I think it's doen to individual choice . It's like telling an alcoholic or drug user to not take any more as it will harm you .. But like everything in life we choose what we want . I will be very intrigued to know toot next results , and I too will be updating mine .. Best wishes Linda

  • Hi, TillyCindy: I apologize for the long the delay in responding to you. As you may recall, I had mentioned that I was hoping to have enzyme reports from my doctor, but she has not called me to discuss them, Apparently, she is delaying until my follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks. As to the substance of the matter, I think all any of can do is to avoid drink and as mAny toxic environmental compounds as possible, eat low-fat and relatively healthy and exercise is good. As to taking a multi-vitamin and milk thistle everyday, I Believe that they help me, but that's me, and everyone's body chemistry and medical prognose are different.

  • So glad to hear your healthy ! And working !! I feel healthy too , I have a very good diet and I too have a vegan diet . Plenty of fresh veg and fruit . I always buy the veg that helps the liver . Your positivity outcome is amazing ! I don't think anyone will totally agree on each other's opinions but if my GP says it's ok then I will be using milk thistle . Acjb007 thank you ! And keep going strong .

  • Millie09

    Thank you for your kind words. What made you go vegan? My gp wasn't happy at my choice but when my results came back better than ever and I'd lost 2 stones he even made a note on my file to keep on the diet. I too have loads of liver cleansing fruit and veg. I even blend broccoli and carrots with oats and super greens powder for a top up. Keep up your hard work too, it sounds like we're onto a good thing.

  • Your welcome acjb007. Do you know what made me go vegan , because I actually noticed over the last year I was actually liking the heathy veg option , I drink green tea etc and freshly squeezed Lemon juice either cold or hot depending on the weather . I have a juicer at home so I make a lot of my own smoothies using not just fruit but veg too . I was never a big meat eater anyway . I too lost a stone and a half . I feel so much better for it too , my completion is clear and my shut very strong and shiny . Besides I have seen some programs in the past with animals in and what I watched I was in tears . As an animal lover mysejf with two cats , did have 3 but had to have her put to sleep two months ago due to an agressive tumor , but I have a new kitty next week . Deposit paid and can't wait for the fun to. Begin ! Glad to hear your doing so well ! .. Thank you and you too. ! Yep .. Maybe we are ! :-))

  • Hello RG. Always interested to hear of other peoples approaches. Welcome to the forum, it,s good to discuss and listen to different opinions that,s why I joined in the first place. The liver trust do not endorse herbal remedies, which is quite correct but we can share our views. I do sometimes find it amusing that often the same folk who get so het up about things such as milk thistle going through their livers don,t think about the environmental pollutants that they use everyday such as deodorants and detergents, which once absorbed also have to go through the liver. Alternative remedies never will be endorsed the money simply is not there to test/trial them. The big pharmaceutical industry would lose millions if a simple remedy was found to be a cure for say cancer, it is not in their interest to do any research. (the tobacco industry spent years and millions trying to suppress the knowledge that smoking harms...not even caring that their need for greed cost lives). I have just found out about sound healing via another person on this site, it helps me but may not be to every ones taste. looking forward to your posts. Best wishes. anne.

  • Well said Anne !! Could not have put it any better myself Hun ! By the way .. What is sound healing ?? ..regards Linda X

  • I use it for cirrhosis but can be used for other conditions. You can research the science behind it a series of piercing sounds put on a loop. The sound frequency of the condition. Jennyjolly put me onto it. Type in healtone and you can listen to a sample. About £10 if you send for it but then you have it for life. Healtone recommend 5 minutes 2 times a day, but JJ listens to 15mins thee times daily and you can do other things on computer while you listen. Check it out, may not be " your thing". Hope you are well. annex

  • Sounds intriguing ! Thank you Anne X I will be looking in to this for sure ! Yes I am very well thank you , hope you are too .. Linda xxx

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