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Hi, yesterday I had to have a colonoscopy because PSC apparently has a high incidence of causing colon cancer. I was very explicit that if nothing could be seen I DID NOT want any biopsies taken as I believe (wrongly or rightly) that if it's done unnecessarily then it increases the risks of infection getting into the system. With two autoimmune conditions and being on immune suppressing drugs this is my biggest fear. It was written in the consent form and highlighted by the nurse but the doctor who did the colonoscopy totally ignored my wishes and took biopsies anyway, even though there were no apparent problems. I'm a little annoyed to say the least but am wondering what to do about it, any suggestions?

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Hi Cathy7,

If you wish to report the incident then you can contact your hospitals 'Patient Advisory Liason Service' (PALS) and they will be able to correctly advise you.

As it was clearly documeted in the colonoscopy written consent that you did not wish for biopsies to be taken, then PALS can investigate why this did not happen.

Best wishes,



That's a tough one? I mean I understand that your wishes were steamrolled, and it's your body etc. But at the end of the day you got biopsies with no problems. Those biopsies could either save your life or best case reassure you. It's done, you got the best result possible, I'd move on. Had there been a different outcome then yes I would want to peruse this.

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Whilst I really understand your annoyance that your wishes seem to have been ignored. You state in your post "if it's done unnecessarily". What if your doctor did deem it necessary? They won't just go taking samples without a thought that something needed a bit of a closer examination & hopefully all will be fine with the samples taken. If however the samples do show something of concern then doctors can act on it quickly and who knows perhaps give life saving treatment.

Hoping all goes well with your post procedure recovery.



I would be tempted to await the result of the biopsies ...... just to be sure there is no cause for concern. If the biopsies come back clear, even though you didn't want them taken..... I would breathe a big sigh of relief ... 😊


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