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After first going to see my GP then a consultant last August & being told to stop drinking - which I did that day- I have now been placed on the transplant list as my liver is to far gone to recover, so now I just play the waiting game for my turn in the queue. I still have bad days & some not so bad but with the help I have had from my wife,family & friends I hope to get the good days back. For all those going through the same eposide chin up think of the past good times & the good times to come

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  • Well done Mick1960

    It's very hard to find the will power to give up something you enjoy for the sake of your health and it's wonderful that you have people around you that love you enough to support you through this difficult time.

    I hope that you get your new liver soon and keep up the positive mental attitude that has got you this far 😀

  • Wishing you all the luck in the world Mick1960 def try hot drinking water and lemon juice, it wont do you any harm but may just help your liver maintain its current position - wish someone would fo medical trials on this, it really has had a good impact based on anecdotal evidence.

  • Hi Mick1960,

    With regards to the above post on drinking hot water and lemon, there is no clinical evidence to support the statement that it may 'help your liver to maintain its current position'.

    Please discuss your dietary requirements with your liver specialist, good luck with your future treatments,

    With best wishes,


  • there are many things that help the liver that there is no clinical evidence to support it but that does not make if false. i drink it and so do many others

  • As I stated BLTadmin the evidence anecdotal ie people who have drank lemon and hot water have had good results - really fed up of you guys repeatedly saying talk to a dietician - what eould they know if yhere is as i stated no medical trials? We need to try as many options as poss to recover from illness, lemon juice and hot water will not do any harm, but my experience of people who take it including me, is it has significantly benefited them and me! Perhaps you could get the nhs to look at how an alkali diet helps people recover from all sorts of illnesses vs being negative about something I know has helped me and others.

  • I should add anyone posting here should already be seeing a dietician and other medical specialists so are welcome to adk and find out what thry know about alkali diets etc.

  • Geffy22,

    This forum has many followers who have complex and varied liver conditions. General advice regarding fluid and diet intake can be incorrect and dangerous in certain cases.

    If you have a liver condition, the appropriate professionals to advise are your specialist team, and you are entitled to ask for individual dietary advice from the hospital dietetic team.

    The British Liver Trust shall continue to monitor posts on this forum and where advice is given that is not substantiated by medical research or facts we shall continue to respond accordingly. It is vital that our advice is clear and accurate to benefit all members of this forum.

    If you would like to message me to further discuss anything please feel free to do so.

    Best wishes,


  • yes your right i wish they would do some clinical trials. but guess what. there is no money for the pharmaceutical industry so thats why they dont do it.

  • Its crazy isnt it @grace111. I mean theres hardly any cost to dietary changes so treatment costs will be v low.

  • yes but the pharmaceutical industry want to make money so they wont do that. they want us to take their drugs. im keeping on drinking my lemon in hot water as many of us with liver problems do, its all about money and if they did clinical trials on this and proved that it was good for the liver. then they would not make any money.

  • My partner was diagnosed last June & had a transplant this July. Chin up your turn will come.xx

  • well done re stopping drinking as soon as you found out about your liver; sad, that you have ended up needing a transplant; but wishing you the best of luck. Hope it will bring you a fantastic new lease of life!

  • Mick1960

    Fortunately you will have seen enough stories on here to know that you are on a journey that will probably end with you becoming as well as you havent been for a very long time. You know from here that a lot of us go on to enjoy a perfectly normal life, except as somebody just said, for the meds for life. Having said that, six months post op I only take 5 tablets per day, far less than before the transplant.

    So take extremely good care of yourself and I hope you dont have to wait too long for 'the call' Be prepared for it to come sooner than you expect - my call came two weeks after listing.

    In some ways that was a good thing, as I didnt have too much time to dwell on the prospect of the surgery, which as it turned out wasnt half as bad as I expected.

    Take care,


  • Jim thanks for the information, also I would like to thank all of you who have taken time to read my post & all the good wishes I have received, it has greatly helped my wife & me.

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