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A Year Of Change

A Year Of Change

Posted on December 5, 2014 by Nascar Plus

As I write my final article of 2014 it’s time to reflect on a year of change in my life and in sport….

As 2014 dawned I was recovering well from surgery. However I certainly didn’t foresee that within 3 months I would have lost my job that I had held for 15 years…..that was the catalyst for an unforgettable year ahead for both good and bad reasons.

So let’s deal with the bad stuff first ;

As regular readers of my articles will know I do a bit of writing to help raise awareness in liver disease via the British Liver Trust. I suffer from the disease myself although thankfully it is stable and relatively easily controlled. They will never know why I have it as I was by no means a drinker and there is no family history of it. The worst experience has been very recently when I fell into coma like symptons for the day. Hepatic Encephalopathy was behind that plus a nasty virus I picked up. Having said all this I’m tough and you have to take the bad days and rest up. Liver disease will NEVER defeat me!! On top of all that I had I had various other issues to deal with but in June something happened on a much more positive note that leads us nicely to the good stuff in 2014….

I had been thinking for a while about writing a blog just for a bit of fun to ease the burden and keep the brain active. My chance to do so appeared in a tragic way however……in the space of a few days there was a horrifying crash in Scotland during the Jim Clark Rally. A car went out of control and ploughed into spectators killing 3 of them. This had led to the 2015 rally been cancelled and we just don’t know if the famous old event will ever return. Whilst this was happening 2 riders lost their lives at the Isle Of Man TT Races so the blog I had in my mind was born…….. …..”The Madness Of Motorsport”

What I did not expect as I settled down to watch the World Cup from Brazil was the huge reaction it got. Hundreds of views and a few shares plus many kind words and suddenly I realised I had hit on something. A few more blogs later I suddenly discovered a hidden talent that I never dreamed I would have….it was time to take it more seriously.

I specialise in motorsport writing as that is my main passion in sport. Of course I have written about all sports and in particular an article about Wimbledon had a huge reaction from tennis journalists as did a cricket piece that was well recieved by the BBC Cricket journalists.

The man that I owe most to is editor Nick de Groot. After chatting on twitter I sent him some of the stuff I’d written up and he was very impressed. He has given me such good advice about what to write and how to write that I take it much more seriously and have begun to be well respected in the motorsport world. Remember I am not a trained journalist and I am learning as I go along. Everytime I write now I improve and I really cannot thank Nick enough.

I am editing my earlier stuff as I go along and in time I hope it will be seen as a decent enough portfolio of my wrting talents. Special thanks must also go out to the following for their valued support….. ;

Brian Vickers

Jeremy Mayfield

Hendrick Motorsports

Classic Formula 1

NASCAR Europe….various drivers


Abi Griffiths….BT Sport

Nick Kennerley….BT Sport

Kevin Gravenell

Luther Blissett

BBC Northern Ireland

Phil Glew

Test Match Special team

Guy Mills

Amanda Reisinger

Benny Fry

The Tressler Family

Pick Up Truck Series

Jody Smith

My son…Steven Taylor ( a talented writer himself )

Tom Walker

Rob Compton

Darren Hurrell

Paul Rivett

20 Ten Racing

Jordan Stilp

Robyn Vandenburg

Shane Lake

Ralph Smole

Scott Malvern

Kelvin Fletcher

Richard John Neil

Paul O’ Neill

Andy Jaye

JD Steele

Matt Neal

British Liver Trust

Finally, Richard Fletcher and Alan Currall from ASR Pro4 UK….a brand new UK race series due in 2015. ASR will be a massive part of 2015 for me.

It’s a major new series and drivers are needed. The prize is a full time drive in 2016 NASCAR Europe so it’s a huge deal for any would be NASCAR racers. I have been so lucky to be there from the very start and I will be at every meeting if possible and fully involved with things…… ; read about ASR here.

It’s going to be an exciting year 2015 is and I look like I will be very busy indeed. A new website is in the pipeline and please do follow me on twitter @NascarPlus ….I would love to hear from anybody and I’m looking to keep building up contacts with one new deal already in the bag..

Happy holidays to everybody I will chat to you soon.

Carl Taylor

This is the story of my year of struggle....

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I try to stay positive as well as im sure it helps and worrying doesn't solve anything. Its difficult sometimes as I recently lost my job and have no partner,surviving on benefits is practically impossible and I miss my job,reading your journey makes me realize that I need to stay positive,good luck with all you achieve and hope your health remains stable


To be honest I wrote it to raise awareness and help others.


To be honest I wrote it to raise awareness and help others.


To be honest I wrote it to raise awareness and help others.


To be honest I wrote it to raise awareness and help others.


To be honest I wrote it to raise awareness and help others.


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