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Are fibroscans any good?

Hi I'm Hannah. Im 27 having fatigue and really bad liver pain. Nausea headaches swollen ankles pretty much everything.

Alt have been raised since January ranging from the lowest at 70 to the highest at 219. Had an ultra sound showing enlarged echo bright fatty liver. Got smooth muscle antibodys of 1:64. Gained 3 stone in the last year and half due to other medical imbalances. And used to drink ALOT until like a few months ago. Got to wait till December for either a bioposy or fibroscan.

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Oh I thought that picture was going to be a profile type one lol :/ really bad at technical stuff. How do you delete them?


Go back to original post and click on box on right ( looks like envelope) It will drop down to edit response or delete. You can delete and rewrite your post. You get the funny coloured profile pics by not requesting hidden. Think that,s right only just learning myself ! look forward to your new post! welcome to the terrible gang.x


Fibroscans are designed to measure liver stiffness and convert that into a fibrosis score. They are good at that and can measure fat in the liver also.

What they cant do is diagnose the cause of the liver damage.


you are too young to have liver problems what other risk-factors besides drink do you think you have ? Seems atypical.



Fibroscans are the new silver standard in liver disease diagnosis. they have a reliability rate of .8 and are considered very accurate. Notwithstanding the above, the liver biopsy procedure is still the gold standard as it deals more specifically with the Histology (study of tissues) and the etiology (origins) of the pathology (disease). Though considerably more invasive and risky they are the best in my opinion. They allow the Specialist to rule out other possible causes besides scar tissue. They can rule out : cancer, fat deposits, calcified cysts and others. If you want to be absolutely sure opt for CT computerized tomography or MRI magnetic resonance imaging, or contrasting dye ultrasounds which examine the venal , arterial courses of blood flow through this vital organ. Any intertwining of these two circulatory conduits (lesions) usually indicate HCC (hepatic cellular carcinoma or cancer growth as cancer needs nutrition to thrive). Do Not worry until you are fully diagnosed. The liver is a vital organ that performs 500 functions 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is designed for extreme torture and can regenerate itself many times over during the life time of the body. One word of caution, if the Specialist discusses doing an exploratory bio assay , say no, as if it turns out that HCC is present, the oxygen introduced when they open you up can accelerate the growth of any tumors . It is very unlikely that would discuss this unless all other diagnostic techniques have been exhausted. Laparoscopy is usually the way modern specialist proceed in this case. Laparoscopy is performed by inserting a camera through a cylinder shaped tube that is inserted into the fossa cavity which holds the liver in place in the abdominal pelvic cavity of the body.


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