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Good Liver Enzyme activator from UK or any where else


I was have previous history with liver problems which failed to got its original cause by many doctors

One of doctors wrote me drug Reducdyn(Egyptian Drug Brand) which composed of "n-acetyl-d, l-homocysteine thiolactone , l-cysteine"

which works perfectly with me and for many years with out any problems,just take Reducdyn when fell liver sickness

unfortunately,producer company of that drug closed and all its batches expired from markets.

I tried to look for alternative with the same compound on iherb or drugstore ,but these sites seems site have only supplement,not real diseases drugs

Is there any alternative of that drug from UK or any where else with the same compounds??and from where I can buy it online?


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I've never heard of that drug. Ithink its ilegal to sell medical (prescription) drugs online in the UK without a prescription.


Thanks 1st for your reply.

I need prescription here also to be passed from customs ,I can view that medicine to my doctor then he will write that for me in prescription.

My doctor has no problem for writing that drug in prescription,real problem that drug is not exist any more in local market.



A quick Google found this, you can buy on-line and doesn't require a prescription. I'm not sure it is what you're after though.


hi I see they don't sell it at hollandandbarret but they do sell it at iherb online


I think I can help there is a product that acts the same as Reducdyn and its called Boswellia extract, Frankincense comes from the same Tree. Scientist used Boswellia extract for Liver Health..... Keyword is Reducdyn you will find help here ijmh.informaticspublishing.... am not a Medical Professional and give access to this link for information purposes only hope it helps.


Very interesting! It might be worth pointing out that this as far as I know this isn't a medicine used in the UK. In fact I would imagine it would be advised against.


Its a herb sold at the health food store I am going to get some I live in Canada and they sell it at the store for about 10 or 20 pounds for 90 capsules.

Reply then search for boswellia extract extra strength


Thanks a lot ,I'll search about it.

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