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Im Dan, I had a split liver transplant in august 2015 aged 19, for seronegative hepatitis. The smaller half of my liver went to a little baby boy, around 18 months old! Since my transplant I have returned to live a normal healthy life, Im actually fitter than I have ever been, and really enjoying eating healthily, and being alcohol free! I had all the usual symptoms, Jaundice, acities, Fatigue, nausea and complete loss of appetite. Im more than happy to answer questions for recently diagnosed or post transplant people.

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  • That's really good news.

  • Wow, congrats on your good health, treasure this!

  • Thanks! I always do:)

  • Hi, what an encouraging, positive story. Thanks. I guess not allowed to know how the little boy is doing?. Think I,d find that frustrating but that,s just me! Congratulations and best wishes for the future. anne.

  • Thank you! All thanks to our amazing donor and thier family! I have asked and the last I heard he was doing very well! Would be nice to meet him one day! You too! Take care

  • Good for you Dan. You're in good company here, there are many of us post transplant on this site. But you're the first split transplant I've bumped into on here. I had mine a couple of years ago, cause unknown. Doing really well and like you healthier and fitter than ever.

  • Thank you, oh really I didn't think it was that uncommon! You have to have a tube in place for 3-4 months but that's the only difference! So glad to hear your doing well! Keep it up:)

  • Hreat to hear a positive story.

    Had my consent meeting yesterday. Seems split liver TP are becoming the norm. They use only the best donor organs to split so seems a good option.

    Now just got the waiting for the do you cope with that!!!

  • Yeah I didn't realise they were uncommon! I didn't have any problems that a normal transplant patient doesn't have! Fortunately I was still in hospital when I got the call so I didnt wait long. Keep yourself busy and make plans to do things! Also if you have the option to personalise a certain ringtone for a contact, put the Hospital with a different tone! That way you won't jump every time somebody calls you! Hope everything goes well! Good luck!

  • Hi,

    Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing your wonderfully positive story!

    Best Wishes,


  • Thankyou!

  • Hi dan , I too received a split liver in September 2015 with the smaller part going to a baby, hope you are keeping well, 😀

  • Hi, that's great! It's a nice feeling knowing that it saved somebody else too! I am thankyou! Hope you are too!

  • Yeh I'm good few problems here n there but my liver is doing fantastic so that's the main thing, take care 💙

  • I don't think anyone's had one and not had a few problems :) glad to hear your doing well! You too!

  • Hi Dan beautiful story, my husband has chirrosis but he doesnt have hepatitis and has not drink a lot, the Doctors havent told him why. I would like to know if the operation You had is possible for someone with chirrosis, he is 52 years old, also i want to know if is can give him part of my liver,? Thanks in advance, we are in Mexico,

  • Hi! Sorry to hear that! Yes it should be possible, there are many factors that contribute to having a transplant so your doctors will advise you if that is an option and again lots of tests need to be done but a love donation has been done several times.



  • That's great news Dan, long may it continue☺☺😇😎😋

  • Thank you!

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