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Should i contact the Hospital

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Hi, been almost a month out of Hospital and no letters received for ultrasound and doppler test re portal system; This was apparently ordered and said so on my discharge letter. Should i contact the departments concerned? Had an endoscopy; showed infalmed lining of stomach; I presume i have gastritis; taking omneprazole; 2 tablets in morning; have fairly persistant pain under both ribs; stomach ache, and pain in middle of stomach, back pain, and feel nauseous at times. Am waiting re referral to Royal Free, as i want all the tests i can have, especially also, a fibroscan.

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yes susieanna you should contact them even if its to put your mind at rest your not harming anyone.. i know they are not exactly competent those ones who make the appointments, iv had problems years ago when i was very ill and my doctor sent me a referal to the hospital to the hepatology dept and asked them to see me quickly as i was in lots of pain, i waited for months and never heard a i phoned them and they knew nothing of me so i phoned my doctor. to cut a long story short it took 2 letters and a fax. and if i had not phoned up id be still i would. love grace xoxoxo

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Thanks Grace; yes, i know someone whose had terrible problems re admin and some appointments too; wow! thats bad re such a long wait and them knowing nothing of you! Ill contact them; many thanks, best wishes to you. xx

Yes you should I've learnt from experience that things go missing/not sent/admin errors in general.

Phone your consultants Secretary and leave with message with them tell them your concerns, also phone directly the departments concerned. I wish I had been more forceful in the beginning.

I have done emails too but the QE have a new policy that they won't respond to emails. I don't know about other hospitals.

I was worried about being a pain but now I realise that a little spite promoting goes along way. Most people who I've spoken to have been really helpful, apart from our GP surgery receptionists who are just rude and unhelpful.

If you have a good GP get them on board to help. Just book an appointment or a phone call with them. (Probably should anyway if you are in pain)

Good luck I know how frustrating and time consuming it is.


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Many thanks Poppy; much appreciated, and yes, i know! xx

Spite promoting meant to be slight prompting. I always try to be as polite as possible.x

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😂thats was funny.

Totally agree with Poppy....don't wait, pester (in the nicest possible way of course!) This is your life - it makes sense to make sure you receive the care you require. X

'Thanks Helenleeson; ill be trying to contact them today if i don't hear ; if i have no joy will contact my GP. x

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