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Liver health?

Hi everybody this is my first post and request for advice. Does anybody know where I can go to check my liver health other than my gp? I have an almost constant dull sometimes sharp pain over my liver and occasionally feel sick ( although I've not been yet) I feel constantly tired and sometimes getting through the day is a struggle. How have others coped?

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Hello there,

As somebody who has had liver disease for about two years followed by a successful liver transplant in March of this year, I think I might be able to help. My first port of call was my GP who I saw because of my abdomen becoming increasingly swollen and fluid around my ankles. It was only later the lethargy, muscle loss, weakness and multiple hospital admissions. What other reasons have you got for thinking your liver might be failing in some way ? Mine was due to alcohol use. There are many reasons for liver disease, alcohol being just one.

Apart from paying for a private consultation the only way to see a liver specialist is to be referred by your GP who will base this on a physical examination, history and blood tests, specifically liver function tests. As you are fatigued s/he may be interested in your haemaglobin levels.

You are right to think about your liver health, but there are lots of other reasons for your symptoms so dont worry too much. Obviously here you will hear people talking about lots of different stages of liver disease and some may frighten you a bit, but dont get too concerned. Get an appointment with your GP or private consultant and take it from there.

Jim ( not Lucy )

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Thanks for the info. Mine is also due to alcohol use not heavy but too heavy but over a long period of time. I will bite the bullet and make an appointment with my doctor while still not having an awful lot of faith!

Hope you are doing ok.

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Get a full liver panel done..explains the drink and ask for GGT also

Post the results

..could be fatty liver..join the club

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You are better off starting with your GP who will probably organise blood tests best to see him and explain about tiredness and sickness good luck let us know how you get on

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Started of with my GP as originally it was thought I was having gall bladder problems, that's still being investigated. Got referred for a ultra sound and had bloods done by GP ultra sound showed a fatty liver with enlarged spleen. Referred to a haematologist who is currently doing my bloods. Never really drunk that much alcohol but loved my coke and chocolate, upshot no processed foods and cut out the sugars and a requirement to lose 1kg of my weight a week definitely no alcohol.

8 weeks later, starting to feel better.


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