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I am so annoyed that we are ruled by conventional medicine. So much so that people generally do not give alternative a second thought. The LIVER is one of the most important organs in the body, when it is not functioning anxiety is a side effect!!!!!! Along with depression and everything else.... Drugs given by conventional medicine in my opinion DO NOT help the liver get better to illuminate anxiety or depression. One MUST in order to get these side effects under control, detoxify the liver. This certainly means a lot more than just reducing alcohol intake. I would panic before you get major signs, the Gerson Therapy states, I think, that tests only tell you that things aren't working right with the liver when they are below 30%... but I'm sure you people know more in that field, however watch 'The Beautiful Truth' to see 4 yourself. At this point it is a very hard place to get back to healthy and if not done right one can stay living with anxiety and depression. Why would anyone in their right mind want that! Answer is they wouldn't. Why doesn't conventional medicine help educate people about how important their liver is, and how you must detox it in order for it to help you keep the right state of mind, because when the liver is functioning well, it also illuminates many other illnesses and makes you less of an asset to them. Conventional medicine has a place in society certainly, but its place should NEVER have been 1st. PLEASE do your own research and DO NOT rely on your conventional doctor for your own health, look into alternatives as that is what a Quack is! The conventional system bad mouth doctors that treated with herbs and food, etc., and they called them 'quacks', they also door knocked on people's houses and threatened them to NOT use their services. And this is where we are today. Research people please, the answers are there you just have to ask yourself the right question first. When they say they have no cure, remember they are a business and it is that business, their educational system that have trained them to say that. If one type of business can't help you, try a different type until you find out the truth. You want to pop a pill for the rest of your life, see conventional medicine. If you want to actually rid yourself of anxiety or depression for good, see alternative, and remember it is our emotions that create our reality, the more we 'feel' a certain way the more of that 'feeling' we draw to us, hence it is not good to feel depressed or suffer anxiety... Emotional Graphs are great to see where you are vibrating at, everything on earth has a vibrational frequency. "everything happens for a reason - that reason is vibration". Therefore, your feelings are the most important thing in the world! Do something about detoxifying your liver now, and tell yourself 100 times a day how happy you are, lie if you have to. Think of the happy song and dance in your mind........... watch your thoughts change, what your life turn around and watch the depression and anxiety be a thing of the past as your liver gets better:) Something you fixed by changing your thoughts and aligning yourself with qualified alternative medicine to treat help flush your body of toxins and function like a happy healthy person again. For many people here this may mean serious work, the Gerson therapy will help if you want it to and you follow it all the way.

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  • by panic, I mean start acting in a positive way to change your future outcome immediately, eg; you can start telling yourself your happy and think about what that feels like. Not actually rip everything apart and run down the street screaming. ok. I want to edit that word 'panic' and I can't seem to get back into it.

  • Rant over? I'll stick to the tried and tested route thank you. Liver detox is one of the biggest falsehoods pushed by the alternative market. The liver is the agent that detoxes the rest of the body. Introducing any chemical, whether conventional or herbal, strains the liver to some degree. You're welcome to believe whatever you want and I hope it works for you but excuse me if I stay with the treatments which have some proven, scientific history of effectiveness and are legal to take!

  • Well that is good for you, I wouldn't expect 'you' to do anything but that, best of luck.

  • Couldn't of put it better ph1ldad.

  • I am totally with you on this-I still do not know what is going on with my Liver-what I DO know is that it was fine before I was given the 'conventional medicine' Methotrexate-am now awaiting a biopsy to find out the extent of the damage......I have not touched alcohol for about 10 years-my diet is not and never has been overly fatty.....In my opinion (I may yet be proved wrong, but I really doubt it) it is 'conventional medicine' that has done the damage- Methotrexate along with large doses of antibiotics and heavy duty painkillers (due to misdiagnosis)

    Just yesterday I had a meeting with a nutritionist and will be following her advice with detoxification-a lot of what she said made so much sense-and I am just praying that my liver is not 'too far gone'........

    What I DO know for sure is that with 'conventional meds' one drug causes a 'side effect'-which leads you on to taking another drug to deal with that 'side effect'-which will cause another 'side effect'.....and so it goes on in a vicious circle-and the drug companies get richer-and we walk around rattling like pill bottles and with our bodies trying to cope with all of the serious side 'mantra' is now to keep it as 'natural' as possible!!

  • Painkillers in ever increasing strength, ibuprofen gels and sprays are much more dangerous than anyone realises as they're cheap and available everywhere they're not seen as a big enough danger to health as they are.

  • "Curing Courtney" - Google it. Mom got her daughter, who was suffering with AIH for 5 years, off all drugs with a natural protocol and is helping others to do so.

  • You are 100% right ch33ky1, and it is unfortunate that anyone would think differently. I appreciate you and certainly don't take your post as a way to extend your beliefs for any other reason than to simply have the peoples' best interest at heart, people you don't even know, and I commend you for that. I do think people are getting smarter despite some comments above. "Tried and tested" makes me laugh although better choice of words than "tried and TRUE". I know I'm 1 year late but I couldn't help myself. I have read hundreds of blogs and never felt as big of an urge to reply before this. Your post covers the essence of problems with health care in many countries throughout the world especially mine, the United States, where the government can't be trusted. It is sad when people do not question things. That's the worst way to be.

    Peace and love to all

  • I had panic attacks and anxiety for years and gallstone (cholesterol balls) attacks for over 5 years. After doing at least 12 liver flushes, anxiety, panics and gallstone attacks were gone. Dr Hulda Clark says to flush the liver no more than every 2 weeks until you flush at least 2,000 stones and then once per year as maintenance. Medical scans can't see cholesterol balls which is why folks are told they have no gallstones. Scans can only see calcified stones or very dense stones.

  • My experience exactly. Still working on it.

  • I have this. I never had any depression or anxiety until I screwed up my liver in my mid 30's. Since then I've had frontal headaches and anxiety that waxes and wanes that is my last remaining symptom I went to around 30 regular doctors trying to figure thing out. The closest diagnosis was that my body was "physically depressed" - that from a neurologist. My mistakes (over the course of about 5 years) was taking ecstasy, stripping the lead paint off a house I was living in and renovating, mold exposure and poor intestinal health ( a variety of organisms not supposedly actually parasitic but in the grey area of whether they actually make you sick (blastocystis etc) The end result (visible to other people symotoms) was fatigue, pallor, heart rhythm problems (atrial fibrillation), low vitamin d levels, poor magnesium uptake. and to me: sore muscles, tight nerves, exhaustion, malabsorbtion, IBS, depression, poor concentration. This was a bit of a shock for a fomer athletic guy used to working as a highly paid consultant. So how might a person start getting well from a place of physical collapse? I went to angel farms dot com - a place in Hawaii (read the testimonials - its the real deal) cleaned out my gut and liver, got a nitazoxanide prescription to kill the pathogen (had to import form Australia to the US) had a heat operation for the A-Fib and found a place to rest and recover. I'm not generally partial to woo woo stuff but that place really does work in ways your can't really believe until you experience the difference. I've gone back three times and hope to go again. Most allopathic doctors are doing their best with the tools and education they have. The heart operation performed by catheter was very scary but amazing nonetheless. Sometimes drugs are useful sometimes they are a stopgap measure the help you keep running until you can find the time to sort yourself out.

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