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Constant greasy stools and right side abdomen pain

Hi All

I'm still trying to work out what is causing my pain and one thing I have noticed is excessively greasy stools. I had a calprotectin stool sample done and the score come back as 99 with 100 being a positive sample, doctors said retest in 6 weeks! It's driving me insane. Any advice would be helpful, alcohol and fatty foods fuel my pain. I have had CT, Ultrasound, liver multi scan come back normal with a fibroscan score of 12.4 4 months ago. The multi scan was done last week and showed no fibrosis or cirrhosis

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I believe your pain is from trying to process fat and protein. I would give up animal fat entirely and most likely place myself on a fat free diet to see if the pain goes away or lessens. What you have happened to me years ago and can still return if I eat the wrong foods. We really cannot process foods full of chemicals or fats. Our livers have lost almost all of their ability for that function. Yep our friends can digest anything, no problem but for us, it puts us in bed with pain for days or months. I hope that idea helps you. Good luck. I now that pain well and I remember from 6 years ago my greasy stools when I decided to change to a diet without animal fat or cheese or any dairy but yogurt.


Hi, looking into your profile i see youve had Hepatitis B and imagine that this was a symptom because of your problems. I have been tested and all come back negative. What annoys me is that out GP service choose to ignore what is obviously an issue regarding my stools, to be honest it could be the gallbladder processing fats, was asking for any similar issues and I appreciate your input, thank you


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