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Bit confused

I was diagnosed with ALD and cirrhosis in April by ultrasound and blood tests. I was quite ill with ascites at that point and it had to be drained.

I have been following the dieticians advice on low salt diet, stopped drinking (4 months now), had a gastroscopy which showed one barely visible varices which doesn't need treatment.

The gastro doc I saw this week said there is still a little fluid remaining near my liver but that should clear with the 25mg per day of spiro I am taking. They will do an ultrasound in 2 months to check, then a final review in 6 months where I will be discharged from the hospital doctor altogether. My LFTs are back to normal, I know this happens even if you have cirrhosis.

So, is that it? Are they waiting for my liver to deteriorate further? Will it get worse even if I remain sober and have a decent diet? I realise these are questions I should have asked but I was a bit confused and surprised to be honest.

I know I am waffling, sorry, just needed to get this 'out' if you see what I mean.

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Similar to me. Yes low salt diet but extremely hard to follow. Your only on 25mg of spiro. I was on 300mg now 100mg. Once you have cirrohsis LFT test are useless as give false readings as liver is not giving the right enzymes.

I know how you feel and the mine field you might go through. Mine has been rough but please carry on with no alcohol as for diet, try eat little and often. Have you got sleep disturbance and other symptoms?

Take care


Thanks Bigplanet.

I am ok with sleep, get around 6 hours in total which is enough. I wake up for the loo mostly.

Other symptoms are overall aches, especially my feet. Doctor blames that on the fact I was so malnourished in April. I barely ate for the best part of a year. She said it will take up to 2 years for me to feel normal!

I have a lot of spider naevi but my jaundice has gone. Not had HE or bleeding. My main symptom was ascites, they drained over 12 litres off me over 2 days and then I got ill after that with low potassium.

I guess I will just wait and see. Good luck to you as well.

Take care.


Ok again very similar I had 11 litres drained. It's a case of balance eat something even if not allowed. Eat something is better than nothing. I to have spider naevi and under neurology for several spine and brain atrophy. I am surprised your only on 25mg of spiro but that up to your specialist. I have a endoscopy next week to check on my varices. All I can say if enjoy life...



A really good news story, just shows there is always hope and it all shows that it is never too late to kill the drink.

I wish you well with your recovery, and please keep posting with progress. I am very pleased for you.


As you probably know, we have an increased chance of developing liver cancer, but avoiding alcohol and eating well will massively increase your life expectancy. There is no reason why your liver should get worse if you've taken away the cause. Good luck


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