Louis Theroux: Drinking To Oblivion

This should be an interesting documentary although hard to watch, I like Theroux's style as he really does seem to get the human element in his documentaries.

I'm sure many of us with liver disease regardless of the cause will find this interesting, as symptoms of the disease are the same and I'm sure will be covered. 


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  • EDIT: Although having read the description it is a documentary about alcohol rather than liver disease, so it might perpetuate the idea that the only way to get liver disease is by "Drinking To Oblivion". Lets hope not.

  • Thank you. I will watch it.


  • Yes I do wonder if it will tell the entire truth . That some people have a genetic disposition to liver disease where alcohol is concerned, which is now proven. They in fact do not need to be huge drinkers at all or alcoholics. Somehow I doubt it. 

  • My hepatologist tested me for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency in which the body does not make enough of this protein that protects the lungs and liver from damage.  The condition can definitely make people more susceptible to liver disease.  They can also treat the deficiency by replacing the missing AAT protein.  Anyway, I didn't know that until he ran my blood work in March and included this on the test.  Could help explain why some seem to develop cirrhosis more quickly than others even when their alcohol use is less.  My levels were normal :-)

  • Yes Wendy , and with many other Liver Diseases too, Heamochromatosis, Wilsons, PBC, PSC. Also other auto immune conditions Lupus, Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis and the list goes on. 

    Even those who do drink exceedingly heavily, they now believe less than 50% of them will get cirrhosis, although I have heard some figures estimating that should be under 35% will be ome cirrhotic. 

  • All true but the documentary isn't specifically about liver disease. The emphasis is "Drinking to Oblivion" so I'm sure liver disease will be covered but only as a consequence of heavy drinking.

    I'm sure Theroux's approach will be more like his weird weekend  stuff. A look at the extreme's people live there live's.

    It's been made in Kings Hospital, will cover alcohol abuse and liver disease so I thought it relevant. But I'm not expecting an informative look at the causes of liver disease except from extreme drinking.

  • Thanks for sharing as I am definitely interested in watching it.  Sort of applies to me with liver and drinking.

  • Wow, I did not know that. So interesting. They listed it on my lab sheet as a normal reference range for AAT being between 83-199 mg/dl.  My result was 102.  I didn't know what the test was for. I had to research it when I got home.  He threw this one in with the liver enzyme tests, Iron and CBC's.  I swear I learn something new about the liver every day.  Thanks for more information.

  • True RodeoJoe, it would be nice if they were to include some of the salient facts about genetic disposition , and often even in those cases there may be the double whammy of other underlying conditions. It I expect will not do so though. 

  • Yes indeed, although I think highly unlikely. But I do like Theroux and I consider him to be a good reporter. I think it's his responsibility to show the destructive nature of this disease. The grip alcohol has on these people and that alcoholics come from all walks of life. Hopefully an enlightening, but hard hitting incite into alcohol.

  • watched this last night-pretty much as expected with the emphasis on alcoholics but a useful watch nonetheless-as ever no easy answers. It may have deterred some habitual drinkers with the ascites drain etc.   I never knew any of this stuff years ago and I might have moderated my drinking habits if i had done so. 

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