Lucy needs your good wishes and support

I'm a bit worried. Lucy who looked after me every step of the way through my end stage ALD, which included a spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, countless episodes of severe HE and then my transplant and recovery,  She is now seriously lill with double pneumonia . Blue  light ambulance and straight into resus. Yet all she is worried about is has she exposed me to a serious infection.  I hope all those who have followed her posts about me will now extend the same support to her during her illness. Jim 

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  • I do not recall your story but great luck, you two are strong together. Best wishes...

  • I,m not sure if i know either of you so i hope this  doesn,t sound abit weak. But i,ll make sure i follow her posts and i will say hello if she decides to post on this site directly at somepoint. Sorry if i sound like i don,t know ya but if you used to be known by a different username that would explain it.

  • Bestrong Lucy were all fighting with you....if it helps I was blue lighted into hospital 3 days before xmas 2014 with double pneumonia...I got through but still have emergency pack of Amoxicillin to take at the slightest sign of the symptoms...

    You have done so well  looking after LAJ123 it probably is the after effects of it all  and left you susceptible to picking a virus up.

    As I said be strong were all supporting you both


  • I'm quite new here but please know my thoughts are with you both.xx

  • Thoughts are with you both xx

  • Lucy from a pbc sufferer my heart goes out to you...sending you all the energy o can cazer

  • Am thinking of you both. Keep strong for each other.


  • Prayers sent to her she must be so strong as are you good luck.  Annette

  • Get well soon Lucy sending love and good wishes your way xxx

  • I've not been here long, but wanted to wish you and Lucy well xx

  • Has any one news of kimberley ???? She has written much of her experience with transplant but no posts recently..

    Hoping she is okay?

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