Transplant has happened


We got the call yesterday at 03:00 same as before we have a liver get here now please got to the hospital at 05:00 they done all of the get you ready take bloods all of that stuff then the shock set in at 08:00 being told you are going down soon we were up thinking yes at last but also very worried they came and took her at 08:30 told me she would be down about 8-10 hours she finally got on to ITU and I could see her at 19:30

Obviously she did not look too good loads of wires and tubes and sedated.

But she now has a new liver and I could not be happier they will keep her sedated for a while and when they bring her round she will move to HDU.

So to all of you waiting out there it is coming for you, and it will be done, it will take a bit longer for you to feel happy but your family will be over the moon as soon as you are out of theater

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  • Ah,Dave mate, I am so happy for you both, well done.😄 03:00? The call nearby always seems to come in the night, mine was at 01:00 for Birmingham QE.

    It may be a little uncomfortable for a while but, onwards and upwards from now on eh?

    I'm not sure which hospital you are at but they are all excellent. You sound so happy. 😀

    Please keep us posted.

    Best wishes to you both.


  • Thanks for your reply we are at Addenbrooks have not had dealings with other transplant hospitals but they are great

    Much better than my local hospital they give the impression that they really care and are worried about you

  • Good for you both. Great to hear.

    All those tubes etc will gradually be removed and she'll be unhooked from the machines.

    I was sat out of bed after 24 hours, but very sore and a bit dazed.

    It's funny how you mentioned the shock when they tell you it's all good and get ready to go. My family were all so pleased but I just suddenly thought "This is it", theres a chance I won't come back. They said they like people to walk into the theatre, I did but my legs were like jelly!

  • After 24 hours good for you they told me they will keep her sedated for maybe two days I think it is all to do with how well the body recovers and all that kind of stuff for how quickly they bring you round


  • Yes, everybody recovers differently. You can expect some bumps for the first few days. I had various things like kidneys not working, but hopefully it all calms down a bit and after that you might be surprised how quickly recovery can be.

  • Yes I am hoping it will be quick but as this is the first time i have no idea of timescale


  • fantastic news and may god send a speedy recovery to her. over the moon for you and your family who ever you are or where ever you may be. all my best wishes to you all. love grace❤️

  • Many Congratulations on terrific news. You are both in our thoughts.xx

  • Great news, so glad to hear the op went well and she is now on the road to recovery. Thank you for keeping us posted, its so good to hear these positive stories, it gives us all hope. I hope you are able to rest now, you must make sure you stay well, remember to eat and drink regularly, hospitals can have a weird affect on you. Take care, and best wishes to you both.

    E x x

  • Great news Dave, fingers crossed all goes to plan with recovery etc.

    Best wishes to you both.

    Katie xx

  • Great news. It is an amazing experience and fantastic that you are sharing it with us. I wish you and your wife all my best wishes for a quick recovery and return to good health.

  • Congratulations! Normal to have some problems kidneys etc.. , also I had a little paranoia when I woke up, but was up in the first 24 hours! Wishing all the best and hoping to hear good things :-) xx

  • Dear Dave,

    This is wonderful news... You must make sure you are eating, sleeping and drinking ok... This is the easy bit - when she wakes up she will need you to be full of energy to support her recovery - so don't burn yourself out while she is in this state. Try to keep hydrated...

    Lots and lots of love to you both...


  • Wonderful news. Sending speedy recovery thoughts and hugs X

  • Wonderful news Dave. Onwards and upwards now. Good luck to you both.

  • Great news Dave thoughts with you both for a speedy recovery and a great life ahead for you both xxx

  • Hi new post transplant has happened update

  • So pleased for you both. Miracles happen all the time particularly with Allinson and his team at Addenbrooks!

    My other half was in hdu within 24 hours. Up and awake. He had a few complications with meds and kidneys and stayed in for 2 months post op. Nothing to worry about they just like to get it right first time. His routine was to walk the wards with a frame as soon as he could. Got him fit.

    Now 3 years post transplant sitting on a beach in Gran canaria on holiday.

    Your time will come soon enough.

    Make sure you ask as many questions as you can. It took a while to get my mind round the fact that from the transplant onwards my husband no longer had liver problems! Its amazing.

    Best of luck to you both. Xxx

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