BBC Radio 4 tomorrow

Hello all

Tomorrow I have been invited to BBC Radio 4 at Woman's hour which starts at 10am to speak about my liver transplant and to help raise awareness further especially for ethnic minority background which I belong to myself.

I'm not sure which slot I will be on but hopefully I get to raise more awareness!

Listen out for me. I'm known as Monira Khanom.


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  • I just read part of your blog. It really helps. Thank you for writing it, its written beautifully.

  • Thank you. It took me a lot of courage to actually start a blog and put it out there. However I remember when I was so ill, I wanted to someone especially another parent who was in my situation. I was also so desperate to know what life would be really like after transplant. I am hoping this would help people and bring them some positivity in life. Being a mother of two especially a special needs child, is hard and since after transplant life has not been the same. However I want to give mother's and father's hope out there.

    Hope you're well and doing good. :)

  • I too keep a blog since 2011. I am happy you are so strong for your children. 

  • What is your blog? Would love to read it!

  • TURNSIT.BLOGSPOT.COM    Just type that into a goggle search engine

  • I might have to give that a listen to.

  • Just listened, very interesting, great work.

    I really didn't know that tissue typing was an issue. As far as I understood is was all about blood type when it's a liver transplant.

  • Great to hear you on the radio Jahida, gosh, don't you sound very Welsh. 

    You put your story across very well, and the interviewer asked some very relevant questions. How did you feel the lady with you represented the cause?

    Mike X 

  • Hi all,

    Thank you for listening. Mike, they cut out a lot of story which the NHS organ donation people wanted in there. I wasn't too pleased only because I made quite a lot of points to raise awareness but I feel it didn't really raise awareness. Initially it was meant to be just me speaking and the NHS organ donation people told me some of the points I should make which were unfortunately cut out. Also there was other things I said for example how really there needs to be more campaigns and TV adverts because very little people are aware of the impact organ donation makes to a person!

  • Yes, it was fairly obvious to me that there was more to the interview. It was made to appear that relevant questions were being asked but not answered. Why that would be the case, I don't know. 

    Yes,there is a desperate need for more campaigns and TV items, but also coverage in Dr's waiting rooms and religious meeting venues etc.

    Not an opportunity missed as any coverage is a bonus really. 


  • I'm not sure why they did that. I told a bit about my story. Yes at least it was some coverage and I totalt agree there needs to be more campaigns and meetings in religious places. But saying that, a lot of my extended relatives texted to say they have signed on! So yayyyyy a bonus and I feel proud of them.

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