Organ donation awareness

Hope this is ok, I have started a new page on fb with above title after watching TRANSPLANT TALES ON TV the other wk ..It scared me to death the amount of people on a transplant list and so few organs becoming available ..I am planning to do some events to raise awareness but if u get chance to visit the page PLEASE share your stories , the message needs to get out there, it is not my intention to offend anyone ...please help ...ty for reading 😊

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  • Jane you can get leaflets from the NHS Organ Donation register. Then you have something you could distribute in your area and people can pick up and read. There are also some digital 'postcards' you can download from their website, posters and an email signature you can have permanently on your email. Look them up here:

  • Hey Bolly thats a great link. I looked for one of those email signatures before and couldn't find it.

  • I'm having a moment the page is Organ transplant awareness, ty for info , want to do as much as I can , really wish some of these kind people would put their stories on the page 😊

  • Hi janerayne what a fantastic idea . Where do you live. I think it's great to make people aware of the situation. I will go on Fb and I offer any support you need.

    Good on you x

  • Wow ..ty ..I'm in tamworth staffs but under the queen elizabeth hosp ..just want to get msg out there and raise awareness ..ty for ur kind offer ..I made a boob because my page on facebook is



  • Another great page is the NHS Organ Donation Campaign page on Facebook- I follow the page and frequently share the stories on there to raise awareness. As Bolly mentioned before the NHS Organ Donation website has a range of materials and useful information for running a campaign- I have used it to set up and organ donation awareness campaign at work to run through September. Good luck :-)

  • I just took a look at

    Great site, obviously! Just out of curiosity it says:

    "In the UK

    Around 10,000 people need a transplant but without donors we cannot help them

    Fewer than 5,000 people each year die in circumstances where they can donate their organs"

    Does this mean that even if everyone did sign up there still wouldn't be enough organs to go around?

  • The problem is of those who do die in circumstances where they could donate family members are over riding the deceased persons wishes - even when they are listed as donors.

    Word needs to go out that the message must be shared so that when/if that awful time comes some good can come out of the death of a loved one.

    Wales has/is going opt out this year rather than the current opt in situation so all suitable organs will be taken if the person has died in such circumstances as donation is possible. Scotland is due to have a vote on this shortly in the Scottish Parliament.

    Unfortunately with the liver, many people never know they have a poorly liver so even a person who might appear a perfect donor might not have a suitable liver when the retrieval team go to get it - hence the reason some recipients get multiple calls before actually getting their transplant and in some cases are getting a less than 100% perfect 'new' liver.

    We must applaud efforts to get the message out there, too many people are passing away before getting their chance because organs are being wasted.

    Katie xx

  • Exactly the reason I'm determined to do my bit , it is so important and the amount of donors that are not having their wishes carried out , it is so heart wrenching😊

  • It's got to be worth a try , I really want to know I've done the best I can 😊

  • Hello,

    This is so brilliant - I've managed to send the postcard thing around from the link that Bolly has given... Lots of positive responses...

    Also, I will be taking my elder 2 in to the local blood donating place so that they can make a start...

    Not on Facebook but will try and print posters etc...

    Thank you for this :)


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