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Alcohol-related Liver disease, and the younger generation

A few weeks ago, a new member appear on this site. and told of his story about his battle with alcohol abuse at the very young age of just 24-years old. After reading of this young man's plight and of his eagerness to want to raise awareness with the younger generation. I was totally blown away by his honesty and commitment.

Mitchell and I have both been talking privately on here, on Facebook and on the phone. He has since told of his story, and this has recently been published in the Liverpool Echo:

One of the things I learn't with the British Liver Trust's "Love Your Liver" road show, was that there was an element of complacency amongst some of today's younger generation who consider Alcohol-related liver disease as being something that only older people get and that they have nothing to fear as they are invincible. Mitchell is now on a journey of raising awareness and dispelling some of these myths. He's now reaching out to these students and younger citizens with the view of educating them by using his story as a platform to engage and raise awareness.

I take my hat of off to Mitchell (James_92, who has given me permission to write this thread). He has not only confronted his demons, but is now preparing to reach out to others and talk of the dangers of having liver cirrhosis at the age of just 24.

Well Done Mitchell.

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Thanks Richard (edit...sorry Rich lol) for the Advice and support, It is so true I thought the Liver wasn't a big deal. I have had them exact conversations in pubs when I was younger "oh I will just get another one" Liver that is, these things where said in jest but it shows the lack of knowledge and respect for ones drinking. Its so ingrained in our culture that you are not trusted or weird if you dont drink.

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Amazing article and really brave of you to make your story public. I imagine that you will now having people call out 'Homer' when they see you in the street ! Well it is Liverpool so what do you expect - its ok - I'm from Huyton so that's a positive.

I'm pleased that you are in direct contact with Richard who is a real champion of alcohol awareness. I do hope that you take it further with Richard and if you haven't already, contact and support the British Liver Trust in using your inspiring story to give hope to others, especially the young.

Jim and Lucy

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Thank you :) I have been called worse and Homer was a stand up guy so no bones from me lol. British Liver Trust have idon'tnt know whether they have published it yet though.

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This should cheer everyone up.


I applaud you both for taking such a positive approach. :)

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Thank you for sharing Richard and well done again Mitchell for raising awareness. The communications team will be in touch.

warm wishes


I'm so glad you are doing so well and have a bright future ahead of you. I bet you've helped a lot of people with that article. I also think it's really helpful to see stories like this where beyond being a warning about health, people who are currently drinking hazardously or are alcoholics can see that life without drink is not just possible, but preferable. And happier!

Thanks Richard.

Mitchell's done so well, and deserves congratulating on his recovery.

His story his extreme, but not an uncommon one, and I can't help but feel that a lot of heavy drinkers will read it and just think 'I'll be OK, I'm not as bad as Mitchell'. You know the sort, the ones who pride themselves on never touching the top shelf etc.

Heavy drinkers seem to love comparing themselves to us extreme cases, wonder why...

It does bring up the interesting link between mental health and addiction. I'm more and more convinced that a majority of alcohol and drug abuse cases stem from self medicating for all sorts of mental health issues.

Well done Mitchell, and all the best for healthy future with your young family.


Richard - Thank you for supporting Mitchell and for bringing his story to us. 🌺

Mitchell - I can’t help but love that it was the photos of your little girls that finally made a difference for you. Love is possibly the only thing stronger than serious addiction disease. Congratulations and wishing you all the best. 🌺

Thank you Richard and Mitchel!!! So many young people believe that drinking their body weight in alcohol is cool. Alcohol is everywhere. It’s pushed as an essential element of daily living. Just as smoking was back in the day. People will still deny that overindulgence in cigarettes is damaging if that is their poison. Ditto alcohol. This post has made me so very happy, as it will do many others. Please carry on with the good work.

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