Liver Multi-scan

A number of us have experienced the liver multi-scan at Oxford University. You may be interested to hear that the project has been awarded a significant research grant to continue to explore this. For more information, see

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  • Good news.  Thanks for passing it on.

  • Good to know a new scan to possibly replace scary biopsy. 

    Any chance for me to have a go? Is it a private scan!

  • If you contact Andy McKay at he will be able to tell you. Mike

  • Thanks Mike. I have received some information from Andy. I probably was not very informed about this scan. Is it just a combination of MRI and Fiberscan? Would it offer better information as two separate scans? I received one Fiberscan last April and one MRI early this month. Not sure I should have a go with this. Thanks again.

  • Hi Timothy, I don't understand the science but the results of the scan provide a more detailed analysis of the state of the liver, without an invasive procedure (I.e. biopsy). The scan takes longer than a normal MRI but is still over within 20 mins or so. You then meet with the clinician running the project, who explores outcomes with you.  The whole experience lasts about a couple of hours. The project pays travel costs and put you up in a reasonable b&b if you have a long journey. 

  • Hi Mike I have been in contact with Andy and I'm due for a multi scan on 4 June I'm looking forward to it. Did they tell you your results or do they just send them to your GP. Staying in B&B on the Fri night. I think it's amazing that they've been given an award. Biopsy can be very painful as in my case and not without risk so this test is very welcome. Thanks Helen

  • Hi Helen, You will see the results straight away on a computer screen and they subsequently send a copy to you, with the proviso that they are for research, rather than diagnostic purposes. Mike

  • Oh ok that's great, I would love to see yours, if you didn't mind of course. If so my e mail is

    Thanks for that. 👍🏼


  • I wish hubby was fit enough to travel for this scan!

    The one question he always asks and which no one has ever been able to provide an answer to is "How damaged is my liver?" and from hearing of other people's experiences it seems you get a good printout or at least see the liver in its traffic light colours to show how much is damaged, isn't or is affected.  It would be brilliant to see it, especially with hubby having spent time on the transplant list and now being judged to be 'too well' for transplant based purely on blood results - it would be excellent to see just how much of his liver is indeed affected.

    Unfortunately even with support with finances and offered accommodation it is still too far away from us in Scotland to make the journey - hubby can't even get to Edinburgh in one go without sleep or the need for lengthy bed rest after the journey.

    Fingers crossed this scan becomes more widely available and very soon too.

  • Hi Katie, It is a shame that. I know from the research staff that they are expanding the project but the only other place that was mentioned was Southampton. There may be some merit in asking if they plan to include Scotland. Andy's contact details are above. Mike

  • Hi Mike, thank you for this :) - I will be taking part next month. I was diagnosed NAFLD, but haven't had a biopsy for confirmation, just an ultra sound, CT and high liver blood results for years now, specifically my ALT. I tried to have the Fibroscan by the BLT's roadshow last year in London, but unfortunately they couldn't read me. It will be good to find out for certain where I'm at with it so I appreciate you posting about this :) .

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