All Clear

Just got the call from my nurse  about my 2nd week on Harvoni. .great result viral  load 20 of which I'm  told is considered  undetectable. .ALT of 30 Platelets  wee bit low 75.. bilarubin  normal Alkaline  phosphate on my way to a happy ending..just thought i would let you all know..still got10wks of treatment  left but what a result in only two weeks  of treatment. 

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  • You must be so relieved! great news to hear!

  • This is fantastic Ballie!!! is truly a miracle drug!  Keep on doing whatever it is that you are doing, 'cause its working! Thanks for letting me know, I am so pleased for you...I will let you know my next results on April 14th. my last results for 8 weeks was less than 12 ...HCV is a ghost virus my liver specialist said, ha! I cannot believe how quickly that time has passed ...

  • Tidy,you must be thrilled to bits-who said Jesus had a monopoly on miracles!Its amazing stuff really,keep going,best,Cityman.

  • Hello,


    Wishing you all the best 😊


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