GP gave all clear on test results , incorrectly!

Blood tests done cause of high liver function test - 3200!! Ultrasound done at hospital, all clear. Saw GP to get blood test results, she said all normal and as the lft results are now reducing she said it must have been a virus. Then today I received a letter and questionnaire from Public Health saying the lab had advised them that I had acute Hepatitis E. Have done some research on this and feel the GP should have recognised it because there are implications and a follow up test is required a month later. Has anyone else had a similar problem please.

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  • Hi

    Technically your Doctor is correct, HepE can be caused by something like undercooked pork and can happen to anyone, its usually a short sharp infection that irritates the Liver and it can leave damage behind. It comes on quickly and leaves quickly.

    When your Liver is that inflamed you certainly need to have some follow up, its a very serious matter. I dont blame you for being annoyed.

  • Thanks, I am not sure that the GP is correct, she should have told me that a diagnosis was made from my blood test results and not tell me all blood tests were normal. It was a shock to receive the letter from Public Health. Not sure where to go from here, do I ask for a follow up blood test for Hep E or just go along with LFT's to ensure my liver is going back to normal.

  • I had a positive Hep E test 2 years ago. Was rushed into hospital with an ALT of 660 which is nowhere near as high as yours but my case is complicated by other types of chronic hepatitis. It was while in hospital they ran all the viral hep tests again and this one came back positive. My hepatologist who worked in an inner city hospital said he was seeing more and more cases as like Ralph says, it's in the food chain. Probably in poorly produced convenience foods now as much as undercooked meat.

    The test takes much longer than the routine ones to come back from the lab. It was months before I got my result whereas routine liver function tests can be done in a matter of hours. Perhaps when you saw the GP the Hep E test was not on the system but was subsequently sent to Public Health direct from the lab?

    Definitely a repeat test done to check you are no longer 'acute' and LFTs to check liver levels are normal.

    How do you feel healthwise? Any after effects?

  • Thanks, I feel OK, they wanted me to go into hospital but other than itching I felt fine and said I didnt want to go. So I spent a couple of days going to the Ambulatory Emergency Care unit, they did bloods and an ultasound. When I saw the GP she all tests were back, all the hepatitis, antibodies etc. Very strange.

  • It happens. Mine said all my recent ones were back but when I checked I realised some that had been requested were missing, so rang again and the secretary agreed the ones I was waiting for weren't there yet.

    I tend to make a note of what bloods have been requested and then check them off as they come back, as the GP staff are so busy doing a hundred and one other things for 7,000 other patients!

    Well done making sure you got checked out frequently as an outpatient. Acute liver failure happens VERY fast.

    What matters is the results you get in a month,when they test again.

  • hi

    I mean the Doctor was correct as in yes it was a short virus infection, obviously the rest is a very poor show, you should have been advised to watch your diet and avoid alcohol for a few years. Hep-e can be along road back, you need regular bloods for a while I should think. If is was me I would also want a Fibroscan to see if any scarring has been left.

  • Just checked date of letter from Public Health, same date as I had phone appointment with GP. The LFT results are reducing, gone from 3200, to 457, to 175, to 57. So heading the right way.

  • Hmmmm, slap wrist to the GP. Are you normally happy with them for other things? They do vary don't they. I have about 6 in my practice. Went to one to query out of range blood test result and he shrugged and said "I'm not a haematologist, I don't know, I will fax your specialist". (My specialist never looks at faxes he uses email, duh!). Then a week later with new and repeat tests different GP was very thorough, took temperature, checked BP, looked at my throat, checked lymph glands, and made a diagnosis, haha.

    Frustrating isn't it,

  • doctors are not perfect. I had one neglect me and I need a transplant. Because she was not paying attention to things I was telling her, I almost bled to death one night even after that she was too hard on me and I ended up getting two back to back blood transfusions and spending a few days in the hospital. I am 64 with liver cancer. Its best to let it go and focus on what to do to keep yourself up. I manage a lot of my own health, I do not just listen to what they say. I did change from that doctor to another at the transplant center but I hold no grudge against her at all. I chose an older doctor, one my age that I thought would be able to listen to how I want my health to go and how I want to manage the little bit of health I still have left. good luck.

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