An interesting new experience

An interesting new experience

On Saturday last week my wife and I visited the Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford to take part in the trial of a new approach to MRI called Multiscan, (see which is designed to provide more information about a liver than a normal MRI and to avoid the need for biopsy or other (non)-invasive approach. The overall experience was really interesting and the results of the scan (which takes about 15 mins) was very informative. I am attaching a rough version but if anyone wants to see a full version, direct message me and I will send it to you via email.

The research is in a funded project at Oxford University and it is hoped that the process can be made more widely available after the trial, which is being extended to include Southampton. They are still looking for trial participants and if you are interested, contact the researcher at


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  • You too! There are 2 so far on the AIH Facebook page who had this done. Sounds fascinating. How much of your liver was green, how much Amber and how much red. Others say they got a fat % and a fibrosis level too.

  • I had this done a few weeks ago. My liver fat was .5%.

    It was really interesting and it was nice to see in colour how healthy my liver is :)

  • Sounds really intriguing! Is it still OK to apply for a trial etc?

    X x

  • Mellow if you email them they will let you know if there are any places left.

    I think the trial has a while left to run so there should still be time.

  • Thanks loads!! ☺

    X x

  • Ill emailed him the other day Mellow

    Yes there are still places available and Im sure you would be a very helpful candidate xx

  • Sent email exciting

  • Hi l undertook the same trial about two years ago (although may have been refined since then). You don't get to see the results but it all helps and no biopsy!!via the neck (scared the life out of me) but l soon realised l was in good hands.

    I hope your progress goes well.

  • I got to see my results. First on the screen the day of the scan. Then a few days later they were emailed to me. And last week I was emailed a more detailed report.

  • Mama i'm fascinated to know what the detailed report said, if you are able to share. Does your Fibrolamellar affect your liver with inflammation, or are there good (green) areas where you have a healthy liver, and not so good (amber and red) where the lesions and other problems are?

    Having had a resection (like me) can you tell from the image where the liver has regrown, and if so, is that green. I was told that my re-sected liver would grow back to average size (mass) but not where the lobe had been removed, somewhere else, if that makes sense. I seem to have areas where i have Stage 6 (cirrhosis, so probably would show red) and areas where I have Stage 1 (barely any damage) which might show green. This from 2 separate biopsies. Im interested that this Multiscan is able to show that our livers health seems to vary across the structure of the liver, from lobe to lobe.

  • Bolly almost my whole liver was green :)

    I have 3 small lesions that showed clearly but apart from that no other issues.

    I have had 2 liver resections so my liver is not the normal size but the volume is normal.

    The RFA I had done last summer also showed on the scan.

    Apart from the 3 lesions I have an amazingly healthy liver.

  • I'm so glad. That must reassure you? Yes it was 'volume' I was trying to explain about, that they told me my liver would not regrow to the traditional normal shape but it should regrow to the normal volume. Thanks for explaining that better!

    What does the RFA area look like on a scan.

  • Yes I found it very reassuring.

    The area that was ablated is a slightly darker colour on the scan. The Dr pointed it out to me when he went over the scan with me.

    My liver is a funny shape now but it seems to be doing its job ok :)

  • That would be brilliant, like Bolly I heard how others have described the experience and results on the AIH Facebook page - it's a great pity it is so far away because I think we'd love to see what it showed up about hubbies liver - why he was listed for transplant and what has improved to take him off the list.

    I know they are paying travel expenses but Scotland to Oxford just ain't going to happen.


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