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For those who are patients at Birmingham QE Hospital, are you aware that you can access all your blood test results etc online?

I only found out about it when I asked at my first clinic post transplant if there was any way I could see the results without having to either phone them or wait for them to ring me. The consultant said that there is a website called 'my health qehb' which they register you on, and give you a leaflet with a code number on, you then get a letter through the post with another code on it, you then go to the site and register using the 2 codes. It's really rather easy. You can see results and correspondence etc.

If you already know about it, my apologies but I've never seen it mentioned on here. My local consultant in Stafford hadn't heard of it and was able to view my results, which was good because he hadn't yet received them from the hospital.

Love to all.


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  • That's a great idea. Shame more hospitals don't do it.

  • Really kind of you to share such valuable information. I'm not with that hospital but im sure others who are will bookmark your post! 👍

    Nice one!

    X x

  • Thanks Mellow, I hope you are well.

    Even if someone isn't with Birmingham QE, it would be worth asking at their own hospital, as the Birmingham one wasn't heavily advertised, maybe others aren't either? X

  • The one at Birmingham QE was developed by their 'in house' team so is unique I believe, but yes it would be great if other hospitals would do something similar.

    Many GP practices are now on the Patient Emiss Access system, some with just basic abilities such as repeat prescription ordering and booking appointments online, but i believe some are already uploading blood test results. Not mine though, will be a while yet.

  • Thank you Bolly, It's so frustrating that, although there is supposed to be a central system, different hospitals and gp surgeries aren't able to access it. Far better now that I can log onto my health and show the gp my results while he's still waiting for them to arrive by post.

    Mike x

  • Do you mean one central NHS computer database? In my experience of different NHS trusts they all buy in their own IT software and it's not compatible between the different trusts. Annoying but then again best not to have a monopoly perhaps, lol!

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