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Harvoni ribavirin

Hi can anyone offer me some reassurance, had hep c 35 years.

Stage 4 fibrosis, non respond interferon.

Have just completed 12 week Harvoni / Ribavirin VL at start 2.5 million after 2 weeks 100, after 4 weeks 27,after 8 weeks 12, was hoping for undetected, but now kind of worried that the last 4 weeks may not have cleared it, also worrying more because since I finished, the itching is beginning to come back . Has anyone had similar experience but been cleared.

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Fenderjazz my HCV is undetected and I still have the itching, in fact I had the itching on the onset of the treatment, it has not stopped, so don't worry about itching.


Thank you for such a quick response. Had itching before I started treatment, but it stopped about 3 days in to treatment.

Congratulations on being undetected, you must be very happy.....apart from the itching


Sounds promising to me mate , hopefully you will get the undetected your wishin for , the itching skin is something that goes with cirrhosis, but I can see where your comin from , can I ask what geno you are ? Good luck with the result maybe the itching is down to something else, maybe nerves or something similar


Thanks for the positive feedback, here's hoping!

I'm geno type 1a, to be honest the itching is nowhere near as bad as pre treatment, and brain fog and fatigue pretty much gone.

I'm just hoping the last 4 weeks of treatment were enough.

Nurse seemed pleased the way things were going, as all of my blood levels are normal or near normal, anyway she said I could ring tomorrow if I want results, or wait till next week at my appointment.

Thanks again for your response


No worries mate keep on smiling ,although they keepers telling me it was undetected during my treatment I made a point of putting it aside till I got my final bloods back , n to be honest it blew me away when they told me I was geno 3 had hep c for 15 years now gone once again good luck on your journey my friend ))


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