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hi my grandson had stomach trouble and a ultra scan showed something on his liver he was then given a mri scan how long should the results take it has been a month and his gp hasnt heard anything . my daughter rang the consultants secretary who said he hadnt looked at it yet is this normal . i have been told it should be 10 days would any of you guys know we are

in the uk in west sussex x

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That is a long wait. Locally to me the usual practice is for the results to go to the doctor who requested the scan - usually in 1-2 weeks. If the scan has not been seen by the radiologist the doctor cannot access the results. I would contact the hospital complaints department (PALS) and ask them to investigate on your son /daughter's behalf - i.e. the legal guardian should request it in the child's behalf if the child is a minor. Good luck. The scans will usually be reported on by an expert in that field -the radiologist.


This is too long a wait. I would be inclined to approach GP in the first instance: they can often put a little bit of pressure on delayed results. My experience would suggest results within 2 weeks.

I had an MRI & they told me results would be with my consultant within the week. A month later hadn't got them. I spoke to GP & consultants secretary rung 3 days later to say had recieved, finally, with am apology from the MRI departmenr

Should only take a day or two

Rusty4ever from what I know from my consultants they seem to go away for about a month at this time of the year. You have been told another 10 days because that is when the consultant returns.

Your daughter on Monday MUST phone the consultants secretary and when she says the consultant has not looked at them (which is probably true) mention the date of the MRI and isn't a policy for children to get results immediately. No, it is not normal and also she should be given a follow up appointment for the result anyway.

Friday I phoned the Heart Consultants secretary, she was very friendly and polite and after giving my details she said she would definitely ask the consultant to check it. x

thankyou tatjana if this proves true it is wrong she has phoned a couple of times it has been over a month now . if it was down to me i would put in a complaint xx

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