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dont know where to start

hi everyone x got a few things on my mind, if anyone can help, firstly i saw my hepatologist about 3 weeks ago, i have severe fibrosis F4, but my bloods were doing good, does this mean my liver is getting better or it was just functioning better on that day, secondly this all started with a fatty liver, is that caused by eating crap or was it the alcohol, all the sugar in it etc? and my hepatologist seemed very happy with my progress and said instead of coming every 6 weeks, they would make it every 6 months so was very happy when i got home, then the next day 2 appointments come through the post, another fibroscan in 3 weeks, followed up with an appointment to see her again the week after that, is there something she isnt telling m?, because she was talking about some people, their genetics or something, their liver will carry on scarring even though theyre living a completely healthy lifestyle and lastly i seriously dont know what i shouldnt be eating, im a bit of a meat n veg type girl (no pun intended) and dont eat junk food or fried food, is this good enough? or should i be going all out eating, seeds and pulses and all that gwyneth paltrow type foods.

sorry, all that was a bit of a waffle, oh and quite importantly, i get quite confused days sometimes, like my brain isnt working properly, is this caused by my liver and why? had a few days like this last week and literally cried cos was thinking"what the hell is wrong with my brain"? x anyway thanks for listening.

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Hi, sounds to me like you are going in the right direction, if she only wants to see you every 6 months. I would not worry about the Fibroscan appt, she probably just want to see if the score has gone down since last one. I had all sorts come through before Christmas, us scan, Fibroscan, MRI and bloods, but it was all good they just wanted to make sure.

UK doctors are not very good at giving diet advice and there is no one diet that fits all liver diseases. There are some good books available written by American and Australian hepatologists, and diets for reversing a fatty liver (which if caused by lifestyle should be reversible). If you think you are suffering from mild HE, I would see GP. I think too much animal protein can cause this, and you said you like meat. Take care, Anne X


thankyou anne x will look up the books you recommended x thankyou



well if you were overdoing the alcohol it was probably that but sugar doesn't help either so stay off both-the key thing is now that you've stopped right-it shouldn't get any worse and you may see some improvement-what was the last fibroscan score?

re diet-are you overweight? helps if you lose a bit too...too be honest if you're not drinking a meat and 2 veg diet should be fine without too many carbs....


hi x no not overweight, naturally slim, although when drinking i did bloat up, anyway fibroscan score was 22, so im hoping it will have gone down a bit on the next scan, even if its just a smidgin, scared it might have gone up x thanks for reply x


I'm sure it will!


The hepatitis C trust in London have regular health days and can give you good advice re food


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