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Futurelearn University of Birmingham - Liver translant

I have just finished a very interesting three week long online course on liver transplant produced by the University of Birmingham. I am aware that there were a number of people from here who did it and wonder if you would be happy to share some thoughts before more detailed feedback to the university. While I considered it to be a worthwhile experience, I found that there were elements that didn't quite fit and that week three, particularly, had the feel of "Oh, by the way did I mention ..."

For those who didn't, keep you eyes open for its next run. It was well worth the three hours or so per week.

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😘😘😘 I am doing it to 😂😂😂 someone posted about them as there was a 'liver disease' one - very informative and easy to do xxxx I really enjoyed it as they have little quizzes 😅😅😅 thanks for sharing xxx hope all is well with you ❤️❤️❤️

I signed up for it, but was unable to complete due to ill health, but am hoping to give it a go again

Oh darn! I'd love to see that! Thx for sharing,,I just had my transplant in October..isn't there a documentary out about liver transplants also? Something recent?

Cheering you on!

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Mama41 in reply to dckimberly

There was a show on a few months ago that shows the liver transplant process at Addenbrookes. Can't remember the name of it but can look it up on the planner when I get home if you want.

There was also a 2 or 3 part series showing different kinds of transplants. That was on channel 5.

Completed it earlier today, did the looking after your liver one in November. Both very good courses and really do fill the knowledge gaps - some fascinating looks at what the actual post transplant drugs do as regards the immune system and also the studies that are going on to perhaps reduce the need for transplant in the future and improve the quality and quantity of donor livers.

Really enjoyed it and it gave me something to do whilst hubby was having his day time bed rest.


Have nearly completed it. Found it very interesting and added to my limited knowledge about the liver. Would have liked more info about how people are chosen, as that was a very general discussion, more about the ethics. We are in Spain and have been told my husband is too old for a transplant (he´s 73) and I suspect is also not ill enough even if he was younger, but that info wasn´t part of the course.

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AyrshireK in reply to hippoHH

Hi hippoHH, I have finished the course - found it really worth while. I can point you in the direction of the assessment protocols and criteria for the Scottish Liver Tranpslant Unit and since all the UK transplant teams work off a standard NHS listing criteria this won't differ very much between the different transplant centres - the criteria may very well be different in Spain.

The document covers the age issue and says that :-

Advanced age is a relative contraindication to transplantation, and in such patients particular attention should be paid to an overall

assessment of their general health.

I hope this link proves useful and fills in some of the gaps you found in the course.


Katie xx

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hippoHH in reply to AyrshireK

Many thanks for that it´s very helpful. Confirms what I thought, that apart from the age, he isn´t sick enough. It suggests later that 65 would be the limit though I suspect it´s not a rigid limit and would depend on other issues.

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AyrshireK in reply to hippoHH

There was a gent aged 71 in for transplant assessment at the same time as my hubby. He had a liver cancer tumour due to hemochromatosis & they were treating that before listing him for TP since he was otherwise very healthy.

Thanks, I also read on the US site of a 74 year old. Struggling a bit in Spain but things have improved since he started on Spiraxin.

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