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Have you been treated for liver disease at Ayr University Hospital?

Despite not having had a drink for 11 years, my brother died recently of liver disease. He'd been under the care of gastroenterologists at Ayr University Hospital for many years and so I'd like to hear from anyone else who has been treated for liver disease (or from their carers) at this hospital and to know if they were referred to a specialist unit.

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Sent you a message Elspeth.

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Hi Elspeth, I am currently under Dr Gillen,gastro consultant at Ayr Hospital. Please feel free to pm me. I have pbc,an auto immune liver disease & am also on the transplant list at Edinburgh x


Hi Evelyn

Thanks for responding to my post. I wanted to find out how many people in the Ayr area were affected by liver disease and was shocked to discover yesterday that there isn't a hepatologist in Ayrshire.

I came across the forum very recently and only wish I'd read some of the posts sooner as then I'd have been far more forceful about my brother's treatment, or rather lack of it, and, as a result, would have pressed for a referral to Edinburgh when he was relatively well. It seems to me that some of the people on the forum are the ones who should be talking to patients and their families because there were times when I was given conflicting information about my brother's condition by his consultant and his SHO.

While saddened that it has been necessary, I'm glad to know that you are on the transplant list. I'd love to keep in touch and to know how you're getting on. What I'd really like to see in this area, though, is a support group although I know that if people are as ill as you are or are full-time carers, then attending such a group would often be impossible. What are your thoughts on this? Sadly, my brother no longer needs my care and support and so I would like to try to do something which would make a difference to the lives of those who are still suffering from this insidious disease.

Elspeth x


Im really sorry to hear that your brother wasnt given the chance to be referred to specialists in Edinburgh. May I ask (dont answer if too personal) what liver disease your brother had & what gastro consultant he was under at Ayr.

I see Dr Gillen who has been really supportive in my care. It wasnt him who 1st referred me to Edinburgh,was a locum I had been seeing but have now been transferred over to him. He takes the time to explain things fully & is great at getting me the stuff I need for my visits to transplant clinic. I am able to contact his secretary & pass on anything that Edinburgh wants done & he is always very quick in getting me dealt with.

The forum is a great place for help & support & you are right some of these ppl know & understand better than some docs out there.

There is also a few groups on facebook that I get alot of understanding & knowledge from so if ou have this you could maybe think about joining a few.There is a lot of care givers whos knowledge amazes me.

I agree that a local support group would be advantageous to have,I am unaware that there is any in this area. Im sure it would be well supported.

The sad thing about Ayrshire is I dont think they will ever get a hepatologist.

Ayr struggles to get gastro consultants,Dr Gillen is always very busy & in my opinion over worked,last month when I was at my outpatient appointment I finally saw him at 6.05pm,was running late in clinic due to an emergency earlier in the day.

Again he has another locum working alongside him but for some reason they never seem to last,this puts more pressure on him I guess & will also be affecting waiting times etc.

I think it is something the board at the hospital needs to address as it has been the same for years now,I have been diagnosed nearly 7 years now & it has always been the same.

If you have to be admitted to the ward you can now wait for several days before getting a bed,maybe with the new A&E opening last week it will reduce the waiting time but I dont hold out too much hope for that one.

Evelyn x




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