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Just shortly going on harvoni treatment,just in time I hope by my symptoms, just wondering from folks who have done the course,is this a total cure?I'm hep c A1,I get that your viral load is killed,I'm at 6.5 million right now.But,do all your symptoms go too is what I'd like to know.I.E. do your platelet counts improve?,does the insomnia and itching stop.I suppose what I want know , is do you feel much better?Can you really be cured of this cunning, disease ,will harvoni really kill it for all time?Awaiting any feedback with interest.Stay strong live long to all.

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  • I know many people who have now been through the treatment and are showing zero now, with the virus being undetectable. The improvement seems to vary person by person. Even with some quite high levels of cirrhosis some people have found improvement afterwards, some platelet improvement. It can take 3-6 months after the treatment to find the full extent of the treatment , as your body has also to get over the Harvoni in itself. Remain being super good with your diet which helps too. I know some people whose MELD score has dropped by 6 points, and on the P scale gone from B to A. The liver is a slow healer , after all its been bombarded for years. So stay within the realms of all the good practise and healthy lifestyle . It is of course early days with Harvoni , so after a few years we have yet to discover levels.

  • Thanks for replying,I take your points,we (all) live in hope.

  • Im not sure how clued up you are on Hep-c, but its not just clearing the virus you need to worry about, its the damage it has caused to your Liver that is the big issue.

    from what you have said it appears you have alot of damage to have low platelets and itching? Have you been assessed for Liver damage? The problem with Hep-c is that it goes undetected causing Cirrhosis by the time it is found, Cirrhosis is progressive even if the cause is stopped.

  • Been hovering at stage 3/4 for 2 years or so now,still compensating,but slowly deteriorating,so full of hope for this new treatment,cheers for your answer!

  • sorry to hear it. but the treament is good for killing the virus.

  • Hi there, I've had the treatment and it was great, no side effects and now it's no longer showing in my body. Does that mean it's completely cleared? I think so, yes, but, in my case, it did not stop the need to still be on the transplant waiting list. And I still have terrible ascites, getting drained every 10 days. In my case they said that it would help me take the graft better...graft being the new liver. It's also great because it means the new liver will not get sick.

    Do you have cirrhosis? With complications? Is your liver decompensated?

    As Ralph already replied, if so, then that continues, but I guess slower? Unless your already end stage.

    Either way, I know my liver counts are great right now, but, the ascites is still a large problem, and I was told that still have to be on the transplant list.

    I hope this info helps and does not leave you more confused..lol..also, have you spoke to your doctor about your concerns? Because they are the ones with the answers.

    Cheering you on!


  • Good of you to reply,and I'm sorry that you are where you are,rather worse than me I fear.which can't be any fun- at all.I lost My slightly older brother to hep c 2 years ago when he was my age ,he was diagnosed fairly late,with ascites,but it was too late.I'm lucky,I found out a wee bit earlier ,after alarm rang in my head .Ironically,he almost certainly infected me.

  • Good luck with your treatment. Harvoni is very successful at curing HCV especially genotypes 1a/b. So, I would approach this treatment as a cure...and, like others have said on this forum, your lifestyle habits are very important to reducing your symptoms and to assist the liver in regeneration/healing itself..especially, once you have cleared the virus. It will depend on how much damage has been done to your liver already..whether your liver is compensated or decompensated. These are questions for you to ask your liver specialist team as they will have the full details of your health.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for your comments,my hep c nurse is great-and helpful.My consultant is a distant God-like figure who is more of a rumour than actual entity !;-)

  • I think it's early days with Harvoni to tell if it can reverse cirrhosis. ..i have read that even in people with quite advanced disease are showing signs of reversal ..but i suppose it all depends on the individual. ..i have started to get low platelets and severe itchy skin right now...i think maybe my cirrhosis might be just that wee bit worse..hoping to get treatment next year with Harvoni..def think in most cases other than really advanced liver disease it's good to hope for an end of all these symtons ater it's cured.

  • Cheers for the reply,we're all.in our own particular place I guess.We sound similar-I hope you get it soonest,best wishes.

  • Hi I'm currently undetectable with 2 weeks to go. Diagnosed 3 year's ago with cirrhosis. I feel better already and it's in my system now but the ribavarin has kicked my ass a little. Been on Spiro for 3 year's too but finally the fluid has gone. 17 stone to 12. I do still have cirrhosis though but I'm willing to do the rest to keep me out of hospital. I'm 40 year's old so I guess it's still pretty young to even have it. Feel so blessed to get the treatment because of the price too. It's all about Harvoni people. Yee-haaaa.

  • Nice one,what sort of side effects come with ribavarin?Big weight loss there-Im 10 odd stone,hope that doesn't mean I'm gonna end up weighing 5! ;-)

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